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Hands On OPPO F1 Plus The King of Selfies with 16MP Camera

Hands On OPPO F1 Plus

actually OPPO F1 Plus is OPPO R9 introduced in several other countries. But for the sake of getting stronger brand OPPO F1 seriesknown as the smartphone series selfie, OPPO R9 was renamed OPPO F1 Plus. How is it fun to use OPPO F1 Plus? Following hands on OPPO F1 Plus.

Slick Design Comfortable to Grip

By carrying out a slim design equipped with rounded corners, OPPO F1 Plus is very comfortable in the hand. Instead of giving a heavy weight, the metal material provided on this smartphone actually keeps it light and adds to the comfortable experience of using it. What’s so special about the OPPO F1 Plus design? To make it even slicker, the OPPO F1 Plus is given vertical lines on the top and bottom which make it even cuter.

If you pay attention, OPPO F1 Plus looks like a copy of the iPhone s6. Even the navigation buttons that look as if there is only one independent button seem to imitate the iPhone really. But beyond that, the OPPO F1 Plus is a beautiful and slick smartphone and is comfortable to use. To make it even more beautiful, OPPO F1 Plus is available in colors Gold and Rose Gold.

Strong and Sharp Screen

As brand who carries camera phone, OPPO apparently does not rule out the screen aspect on its latest smartphone. It is proven that OPPO F1 Plus is equipped with a full HD 1080×1920 pixel resolution screen that makes the screen look sharp. The screen effect is sharp, taking photos with the camera wherever and whenever is more convenient.

Sophisticated Camera, More Exciting Selfies

As Jaka alluded to at the beginning, the OPPO F1 Plus is equipped with a 16MP front camera. Plus the lens can cover shooting angles of up to 120 degrees! You can imagine how much fun selfie or groufieusing OPPO F1 Plus, right? Jaka has proven it. The photos are really sharp and look detailed.

Well, earlier that was the result selfie using OPPO F1 Plus. Both are distinguished between those who use the features beautify and who don’t. What makes it fun, turns out to be a feature beautify 4.0 brought by OPPO F1 Plus can produce natural photos without excessive effects. Instead of beautifying the face, featuresbeautify This latest version focuses more on adjusting the ambient lighting conditions to produce photos that look clean and fresh.

Eits, even though it is not equipped with an LED Flash, the OPPO F1 Plus carries tagline Selfie Expert this is provided flash screen that can make you comfortable selfie anytime anywhere. This flash screen can be used as an aid in places where there is less lighting.

Although the front camera is only equipped with a 13MP resolution, which incidentally lost to his 16MP front camera, but that doesn’t mean the front camera has lost. You need to remember, camera megapixels are not everything in determining photo quality. Thanks to the PDAF and Image Stabilization technology embedded in the OPPO F1 Plus, the main camera is able to produce sharp and fast images. Not to forget, OPPO F1 Plus can also produce photos up to 50MP.

Fast and Powerful Performance

Equipped with chipset Mediatek Helio P10 powered by 4GB of RAM, OPPO F1 Plus is ready to provide fast and powerful performance. When Jaka tries to test benchmarks, OPPO F1 Plus’s AnTuTu score easily reached a score of 51,000. With this score, OPPO F1 Plus is more than enough to use multi-tasking and play lots of HD games withoutlag.

With the support of 4G LTE network, download the best application or stream on YouTube more and more exciting. Installing many applications and games is even more flexible thanks to the 64GB internal memory it carries. Oh yes, Jaka has mentioned yet that OPPO F1 Plus is equipped with dual SIM capabilities? But more sophisticated, slots The second SIM in OPPO F1 Plus can also be used as a slots external memory lol!

More Secure with Fingerprint Sensor

For those of you who collect photos selfiehe doesn’t want to be made fun of by other people, the OPPO F1 Plus provides additional protection with the fingerprint sensor it carries. The fingerprint sensor allows you to securely unlock and lock your smartphone. What’s more, technology fingerprint recognitionit only takes 0.2 seconds to recognize your fingerprint.

Want to hide the applications installed on your smartphone? OPPO F1 Plus is equipped with features Privacy Protection which will hide the applications installed on this smartphone.

Pricing and Availability

With all the advanced features it brings, the price of OPPO F1 Plus is fairly cheap. The price of OPPO F1 Plus is only Rp 5,499,000,- just! Cheap isn’t it? With that price you can have a smartphone selfie 16MP, advanced camera, smartphone with fingerprint sensor, 4GB RAM and spacious internal memory.

How about you, are you interested in bringing the OPPO f1 Plus?

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