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Game Review Seven Knight for Kakao Server South Korea

This time I will review a game called Seven Knights for Cocoa. Seven Knight is an Android online game made by Netmarbel, a type of RPG that has good 3D graphics, and cool hero skills.

Here’s a game review Seven Knight for Cocoa

Game advantages Seven Knights for Cocoa

  1. Good game graphics with good quality 3D graphics, there is no doubt, the Seven Knight game is a favorite game for Android gamers
  2. Cool Hero SkillsBesides having good 3D graphics, the Hero Seven Knight game also has cool skills, and doesn’t make gamers bored.

  3. Can Awaken Hero, what’s cooler than the Seven Knight for Kakao game is that heroes can be awakened, after awakening the hero has new skills and is stronger than usual.
  4. Many Heroes to Choose, what makes the Seven Knight game exciting is that there are many heroes to choose from, each hero has their own best skill.

  5. Lots of Costumes for your Hero, bored with the appearance of your heroes, you can buy a costume that matches your hero.

  6. Daily Check-in Bonus, every day you will get a gift when logging in to play Seven Knight, starting from key, gold, hero selector, even Seven Knight selector.

  7. There is a Mission or Quest, in the Seven Knight game there are also missions like in general games, many missions must be done every day and every time you complete a mission you will get a specified prize.

  8. There is a Guild, in the Seven Knights game there is also a Guild, you can join a Guild or create your own Guild. In the guild there are two missions, namely Castle Rush and Guild War (for Guild level 3 and above).

Disadvantages of Game Seven Knight for Kakao

    For the shortcomings of the Seven Knights game itself, I think it’s a bit, the name of the game must have advantages and disadvantages.

    The following are the disadvantages of Game Seven Knight:

    1. Still using South Korean, this can still be called a deficiency or not a deficiency. The name is also that the South Korean server must use Korean which Indonesian people cannot understand. But it’s better if this game makes a choice of language, at least English, well even though there are Seven Knights globally who can use Indonesian, Seven Knights globally are not as busy as Seven Knights Korea.
    2. Can’t find out Hero’s Name and Skill, because we use Korean, we as Indonesians must be confused about how to know the name and function of the hero skills we have, but don’t worry because there are already many forums discussing the hero skills of the Seven Knights Korea.

    A few posts about Game Review Seven Knight for Kakao Server South Korea, hopefully useful for readers of this blog, I believe this article still has many shortcomings, please write criticism and suggestions for this article.

      Oh yes, also add my Seven Knight Korea account ID: Indrakun to add friends 😀

      Thanks for reading 🙂

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