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Floryn's Strongest Build 2021 Mobile Legends

Floryn Best Build 2021

Floryn is a New Hero Mobile Legends Released on September 22, 2022, Hero floryn since the release become a subscription Pick and subscribe Tire in mythic rank.

What makes Hero Floryn become a subscriber Pick that is, because his Ultimate skill is very useful, wich one Floryn can heal team 2x Wherever the Team Position Is, this is very useful for the team when our team is dying And very need MOBILE PHONE.

Of course to make Hero Floryn to be very useful, you should use Suitable Build For Floryn. Nahh, Here Zenva will Recommend Best Build Floryn Mobile Legends that you must try.

Best Build Floryn

The picture above is The Strongest Floryn Best Build Recommendation,of course by using build that, then make a Hero Floryn It will get stronger when you use it. For an explanation of the item, just see below.


Floryn Best Build 2022 Mobile Legends

1. Lantern of Hope

Items Lantern Of Hope

This item is Default Items From Hero Floryn, can’t be sold and can’t be bought, this item will Gives +20 Magic Power and +5% Movement Speed. If this item is already Evolved will give +40 Magic Power +10% Movement Speed ​​+5% Cooldown Reduction.

This item has Passive that is: Unique Passive-Lantern Of Hope: Skill Floryn strengthened after his dew and lantern Evolved. The equipment that was distributed has shown its power actually.

This item can also be Given To Teammates when at base every 30 seconds. when this item given to one of the teams, This item will Give additional +250 HP. When this item Evolved will deal +8% Physical Attack +8% Magic Damage +500 HP.

2. Demon Shoes – Favorite

Item Demon Shoes - Favor

The price of this shoe item is 720 gold, after buying Items this will Give +40% Movement Speed ​​+6 Mana Regen.

Unique Passive-Devotion: In the first 9 minutes, remove gifts EXP and Gold obtained from minion and Creep to remove deductions for teammates in around.

Unique Passive-Thriving: Earn 25% EXP and Gold addition of Assist. Unique in the team: Give 8 Gold / 20 EXP to teammates with Gold/EXP Lowest every 5 seconds. Gives 25% more if Gold/EXP you are the lowest.

Unique Passive-Blessing: After the total amount of Gold earned from Thriving Reach 600, A Skill will be given. Gold can continue to be obtained from Thriving to strengthen this skill.

Unique Passive-Mysticism: Eliminate Hero fight or get Assist will restore Where by 10%. Eliminate Minions will recover Where by 4%.

3. Antique Cuirass

Antique Cuirass Items

The price of this defense item is 2170 gold, after buying Items this will Give +920 HP +54 Physical Defense +4 HP Regen.

Unique Passive-Deter: When hit hit by Skills opponent heroes, Reduce Their Physical Attack as big as 8% for 2 seconds (Up to 3 Stacks).

4. Fleeting Time

Fleeting Time Items

The price of this magic item is 2050 gold, After buying Items this will Give +70 Magic Power +350 Mana +15% Cooldown Reduction.

Unique Passive-Timestream: After Eliminate or get Assist, Ultimate Hero Skill Cooldown will be Reduce by 30%.

5. Radiant Armor

Radiant Armor Items

The price of this defense item is 1980 gold, After buying Items this will Give +950 HP +52 Magical Defense +12 HP Regen.

Unique Passive-Holy Blessing: Upgrade Magic Damage Reduction by 3-10 after Accept magic damage (Scaled By Level), Ongoing for 3 seconds and can be Stacked until 6.

6. Dominance Ice

Dominance Ice Items

The price of this defense item is 2010 gold, after buying Items this will Give +500 Mana +70 Physical Defense +5% Movement Speed.

Attributes: +10% Cooldown Reduction.

Unique Passive-Arctic Cold: Reduces nearby enemy Hero’s Shield and HP Regen by 50% (excluding those affected by “Life Drain”), And reduce their Attack Speed ​​by 30%.

Floryn Wallpapers

That’s the Best Build Floryn Mobile Legends, Hopefully This Article Can Be Useful For You So You Can Maximize Hero Floryn by using a suitable build.

For Setting the Strongest Floryn Emblem along with the Spell, you can watch the video below.

Thank you for reading this article:)

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