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Easy Ways to Top Up Garena Free Fire Diamonds on Tokopedia

The development of the world of esports is very fast, there are lots of various types of games that keep popping up. In Indonesia, the game that is currently booming is the battle royale survival game, one of which is Free Fire.

How to top up Garena free fire diamonds, Tokopedia

Free Fire itself is a game published by Garena.
When the Free Fire game was first released in Indonesia, this game was still quiet.
However, after several famous Youtubers played this game, such as Ericko Lim, Dyland Pros, Sarah Viloid, and other Youtubers. This game is slowly starting to be liked by many people. Some are even willing to top up tens of millions for this Garena Free Fire game.

Easy Ways to Top Up Garena Free Fire Diamonds on Tokopedia 2021

Of course, there are many interesting events in the Free Fire game, such as elite pass, skin gacha, and others.
To get weapon skins permanently you need a lot of diamonds for gacha.

However, if you are still a beginner and don’t know how to top up a Free Fire diamond, this time Babang will give you a tutorial on how to do it easy way to top up Free Fire diamonds through the Tokopedia application.

Tokopedia itself, apart from being a place for buying and selling, also provides game vouchers for your gaming needs.

Here are the steps for Top Up Diamond Free Fire on Tokopedia

1. Make sure your Tokopedia application is installed on your cellphone, if not you can install Tokopedia on the Play Store or on the App Store according to your cellphone type Android or iOS, and make sure you already have a Tokopedia account, if not, please register first.

2. Open the Garena Free Fire game on your cellphone, go directly to the game profile and record your Free Fire ID correctly.

how to top up free fire

3. After that, please open the Tokopedia application, then select the menu Game Vouchers, to make it easier you can search in the search column with the keyword “Game Voucher” then select the menu.

how to top up free fire

4. The next step, select Free Fire, enter your Free Fire ID correctly, then select how many diamonds you will buy, if everything is correct, just tap the Buy button.

how to top up free fire
how to top up free fire

5. Later you will receive an SMS containing a verification code, enter the code and select OK.

how to top up free fire

6. You will see the details of the purchase that you have to pay, if you have a Tokopedia discount coupon you can also use it here. If it is correct select Continue.

how to top up free fire

7. The next step is to choose a payment method, you can choose to use Ovo point balance, Bank Transfer, through Alfamart and Indomart. Please choose what you think is easy. For example, Babang uses OVO Points. Immediately select Pay.

how to top up free fire

8. If you use an OVO Point balance, you must enter your OVO account security code, then select Pay to process.

how to top up free fire

9. Done, Garena Free Fire diamond purchase has been successful. You can directly check into your Free Fire account.

how to top up free fire

Note: If you use another payment method, you just need to follow the instructions given. For example, if you choose a payment method via Bank Transfer, you only need to transfer according to the nominal stated, then Tokopedia will automatically verify the payment.

Newest Way

Because Tokopedia has updated the purchase system which was changed to Free Fire Powered by Google Play which is only valid if you buy it on the Tokopedia Android application, then you only need to make a purchase as usual without entering your Free Fire ID number, then you will get a voucher code. redeem from Tokopedia after that Go to Google Play Store > press Profile which is on the top right > select Payments & Subscriptions > Redeem gift code (Redeem) > enter redeem code that you have purchased, the diamond will automatically enter your account.

The final word
So that’s the easy way to top up Free Fire diamonds via Tokopedia, easily Top Up Free Fire Diamonds, you are no longer short of Diamonds for your favorite permanent gacha skin. Good luck!

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