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Easy Ways to Recover Deleted Files in Windows, Work!

Easy Ways to Recover Deleted Files in Windows

Have you ever had problems accidentally deleted files or lost important data such as photos, videos, or documents on your PC/Laptop computer hard disk, memory card, SD card, usb flash disk and portable hard disk? If so, you don’t need to worry because currently there are many ways to restore the deleted files, namely the recovery method.

One easy way is to use an application or software called Disk Drill.

File Recovery is the process of restoring important files such as document files, photos and videos that have been deleted or lost in computer memory stored on hard disks, memory cards, SD cards, usb flash disks or portable hard disks. Meanwhile, Disk Drill is a software or application that can restore these important data files.

The Disk Drill application or software can be used on Windows 10, Windows 7 or Windows 8 computers and can also be used for Mac OS users.

Disk Drill Featured Features:

  • Quick & Deep Scan.
  • Undelete Protected Data.
  • Recover all deleted data.
  • Supports all file formats in Windows.
  • Supports Windows 10, 8, 7 and Mac OS operating systems.
  • Supports laptop/PC hard drives, USB flash drives, camera memory cards, SD cards and all types of hard disk drives.

Here’s an easy way to recover deleted or lost files in Windows:

1. Install the Disk Drill software on your computer or laptop, then run it.

2. Next, select a location or place to save the files to be recovered.

Easy Ways to Recover Deleted Files in Windows

3. Then select the name of the partition or disk that you want to scan (If you lose the data on the flash disk, then select the flash disk partition, if on the computer hard disk then select the hard disk partition). Then select “Search for lost data”.

Easy Ways to Recover Deleted Files in Windows

4. Wait for the scanning results to finish.

Easy Ways to Recover Deleted Files in Windows

5. Next select the file or all files that you want to restore.

Easy Ways to Recover Deleted Files in Windows

Easy Ways to Recover Deleted Files in Windows

6. Wait for the recovery of the selected file. You can see the results later in the location or storage area that you previously selected at the beginning.

Easy Ways to Recover Deleted Files in Windows


Disk Drill has 2 versions, namely a free version and a paid version. The paid version has two types, namely pro and enterprise. Of course, the paid version has more excellent features than the free version.

Disk Drill Pro Features:

  • Unlimited recoveries.
  • 1 user, up to 3 activations.
  • Supports all types of storage and file systems.
  • Data recovery for home users: Quick & Deep Scan, Smart FAT and NTFS algorithms, Lost Partition Search & more.

Disk Drill Enterprise Features:

  • Unlimited recoveries.
  • 10 users, unlimited activation
  • Enterprise-wide full-featured commercial data recovery package
  • Get priority support.

To purchase the pro version license, a fee of 1.3 million Rupiah is required, while for the enterprise version, a fee of 7 million Rupiah is charged. If you are interested in buying the paid version, you can use payment via PayPal, credit card or debit card that supports verified by visa (vbv) for Indonesia.

The final word

So that’s an easy way to recover deleted files on Windows, hopefully it’s useful and good luck!


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