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Easy Ways to Record Video Calls on WhatsApp Android

Easy Ways to Record Video Calls on WhatsApp Android

As we know, apart from being used as a chat application, we can also use WhatsApp to make calls and make video calls or VC (Video Call). There may be times when we want to record the video calls we make. If you’re one of those people who want to record your video calls, here’s how.

Who hasn’t used WhatsApp yet? Almost everyone should have this app installed on their smartphone. Either iPhone or Android. Yes, it is expected that WhatsApp accounts have more than one billion active users every day. Because there are many benefits of WhatsApp that are not or have not been presented by other similar applications.

Maybe many of us choose WhatsApp because of its superior features. One of them is video calling or video calling function. Thanks to this feature, we can directly face the contact with whom we are talking using the front camera of the smartphone.

This video call on WhatsApp only uses quota or can even be free when you use wifi. Of course, sometimes it’s time for you to have a moment where it’s important to make a video call and want to read it again.

Whether it’s when you vent or when you VC with a crush. Maybe you don’t know how to record video calls because in WhatsApp itself, this feature is not provided. But don’t worry, Babang has prepared a trick to record WhatsApp video calls below.


1. Start by downloading and installing the DU Screen Recorder app.

2. In the second step, open the DU Screen Recorder app, then tap the Activate menu to activate the popup display of DU Recorder. Then press Allow to display on top of other apps.

Source: Inwepo

3. In the third step, tap the Allow menu to allow access to the app. Then a small camcorder icon will appear on the edge of the screen on the right. Open WhatsApp and start making video calls. To save the round icon, tap directly above

Source: Inwepo

4. In the fourth step, press the camcorder icon again to display the stop and stop menu. If this is enough, you can share the recorded video directly with the appropriate share icon. Or edit first with the edit icon in the middle.

Source: Inwepo

6. Done.

So that’s how to record Video Calls on Whatsapp easily, hopefully it’s useful.

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