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Easy Ways to Play PS 2 Games on Android Without Root

PS2 or Playstation 2 is a game console made by Sony that was popular in the 2000s. Until now there are still many people who play this game ranging from children to adults.

With the development of the times, PS 2 games are now very difficult to find, very few people have PS2 consoles, even game rentals are very rare.

Easy Ways to Play PS 2 Games on Android Without Root

But you don’t need to worry, because PS2 games can now be played on Android phones without root. How to? If you don’t know, you can follow the steps that Babang will give you below

1. Download and Install the PS2 Emulator on Android.

2. After installing the DemonPS2 emulator, then extract the PS2 BIOS that you downloaded.

3. Next, open the DemonPS2 emulator, on the bios menu, please look for the bios that you extracted earlier.

4. After that, extract the PS2 game ROM that you downloaded.

5. Go back to the emulator, then you select the game menu, then look for the game that you extracted earlier.

6. Next select free coins, watch the ad first then play the game

7. Done, PS2 games can be played on your Android phone.

The final word

So that’s how to play PS2 games on Android without root, pretty easy right? You can reminisce with your favorite PS2 games. Good luck!

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