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Easy Ways to Make Windows Bootable USB without Software

windows – For those of you notebook users who are not equipped with a DVD ROM, and want to install the Windows OS, definitely use a Bootable USB as an alternative. Most of the tutorials that we encounter in various articles on how to create a bootable USB must have additional software. But at this time Babang will give a tutorial on how to make a bootable USB without software. Curious? Please check read this article for more

The first thing we need to prepare is the USB Flashdisk that will be used and the Windows Installer ISO file. After that, plug the flash drive into the PC, and once it’s detected, open it Run (Windows + R) -> then type diskpart -> Press Enter


The CMD diskpart window will open, then type list disk -> Enter

Here we see a list of disks that we use. To find out which flash we use, just look at it size (size) flash. Here Babang uses a 4GB flash drive (4000 MB) or a 3″ disk

After we know the flash that we are using, continue typing select disk 3 (replace number 3 according to the order of the flash disk on your PC, yes) -> Enter

Typing clean then press Enter to delete partitions, file systems and any data stored on the USB flash drive. The diskpart cleaning process is required to be successful, yes.

After that we type create partition primary -> Enter. And make sure the process of creating the partition is successful.

After that make the partition an active partition by typing active -> Enter. Make sure the partition has been successfully set as active.

Next we format the partition with the FAT32 file system. The way is to just type format fs=fat32 label=febian quick -> Enter (change the name of the label according to your wishes)

After success, our flash drive has become an active and bootable primary partition. Close the diskpart window by typing exit.

Now we just need to mount the Windows Installer ISO file and copy all its contents to the flash drive.

After everything is copied into the flash, then the flash is ready for us to use as a bootable to install Windows.

The flash icon image is also not a storage icon image anymore, but the installer icon as shown below

Well, congratulations, you can make your own bootable USB without software. For you TKJ children or computer technicians, this method is very helpful because it can save time and save quota without the need to look for other software. Hope it’s useful

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