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Easy Ways to Download Other People's Facebook Photo Albums Work! – Facebook was a very popular social media in its time. Although Facebook’s popularity has started to decline due to the emergence of other social media such as Instagram and Youtube, there are still many Facebook users and it is possible that one day Facebook will be popular again in the future.
When you upload a picture or photo to Facebook, it is automatically saved in your Facebook account album. If one day you want to download all the photos in your Facebook account or someone else’s photo album, of course you can’t because Facebook itself does not provide a photo download feature. album. But there’s no need to worry because Babang will provide a tutorial on how to easily download photo albums on Facebook. Here are the steps

How to Download Photo Album on Facebook
1. First install the Google Chrome extension DownAlbum
2. Next click on Add to Chrome

3. If a notification appears, please click on the button Add Extension.

4. Next you open your Facebook account or page, then you click Photo or album.

5. The next step, you click the DownAlbum extension in the upper right corner, then select Normal.

6. After a notification appears, please click OK.

7. Wait until the download process is complete.

8. If the download process is complete, Google Chrome will automatically open a new tab.

9. In the new tab, please press the button Ctrl+S

10. Next, you have to create an empty folder to save the photos to be downloaded, then click Save.

11. If the download process is complete, please open the folder where you saved the file earlier. Finished!

Well, that’s how to download photo albums on your own Facebook account or someone else’s, good luck, okay?