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Easy Ways to Create Tables in Excel (Android and Windows)

Easy Ways to Create Tables in Excel (Android and Windows) – When we want to complete a task or job, we are often required to provide data in tabular form. This is because the data looks neat and easy to understand.
One of the most popular applications for creating tables is Microsoft Office Excel. Do you know or not how to create a table in Excel?
In this article, Babang will give a tutorial on how to easily create a table in Excel

Why Create Tables Using Microsoft Excel?

Microsoft Office Excel is an application created and developed by Microsoft to make it easier for us to process data numbers, graphs, tables and others.
In every Excel file there is a name sheet, and inside sheet There are columns and rows that we will use to create a table.
Creating a table in Excel is very easy because Excel has many advantages, one of which is rows and columns, Excel has 1 million rows and 16 thousand columns.
With these advantages, it becomes easier for us to manage large-scale data. Moreover, Excel is equipped with formulas (commands) that can make it easier for us to do our work.
We can do work such as finances, percentages, graphs, to provide precise data using the Excel application.

How to Create a Table in Microsoft Excel

With all the advantages that Excel has, it makes this application very popular to use for creating tables. This time Babang will discuss how to create a table in Excel on Windows (PC) or on Android.

How to Create a Table on Windows PC

We will start by creating a table on a Windows PC using the Excel application

Step 1
The first step we have to do is that the PC we are going to use must have Excel installed, if not, please install it first
Step 2
Open the Excel application, then select Blank Workbook to create a new Excel file.

Step 3

You will see the initial appearance of Excel. Find the navigation menu, then select Insert.

Step 4

After that, we select the menu Table which is located under the words Insert.

Step 5

Set the table size to your liking. You can enter row and column coordinates or by dragging the cursor. Next press OK.

Step 6

Finished! We have successfully created the table. You can change the column name. In addition, you can also change the appearance of the table according to your wishes by selecting the menu Design which is located on the far right.

How to Create a Table on Android (HP)

Creating a table on Android (mobile) in Excel is not much different from using Excel on a PC. Well this time Babang will give you the following tutorial

Step 1

First open Excel on your Android. If it is not installed, please install it first on Playstore. After opening the application, please open it Blank Workbook.

Step 2

After creating a new Excel file, press the up arrow located in the lower right corner. Press menu Home to search for other menus.

Step 3

Next you select the menu Insert, then select Table which is located at the top.

Step 4

Move the cursor to adjust the table size as desired. You can also customize tables with various existing menus, one of which is Table Style.

So that’s how to make a table on Android and on Windows (PC) using Excel. Easy isn’t it? I hope this article is useful.