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Easy Way Level 70 and Tier 3 Marvel Future Fight

The Marvel Future Fight game is a strategy RPG game in which there are cool heroes made by Marvel.

Easy Way Level 70 and Tier 3 Marvel Future Fight

In this article, Babang will provide a tutorial or guide on how to easily level up to level 70 and advance to Tier-3. If you manage to open Tier-3, your hero will get the ultimate skill, not only that, your hero will also get stronger.

If you are a beginner or a newbie, you are still confused about how to level up to level 70 and advance to Tier-3. So the article that Babang will share is perfect for those of you who are new to playing the Marvel Future Fight game.
Heroes that can be upgraded to Tier-3 at the time of writing this article include Captain America, Iron Man, Spider Man, Thor, Magneto, Deadpool, Luna Snow, Black Panther, Sharon Roger, Wolverine, Mister Fantastic, Ant Man and Captain Marvel.

Easy Way Level 70 and Tier 3 Marvel Future Fight

To unlock Tier-3, you must first upgrade your Advancement to Tier-2, if you don’t know how to upgrade to Tier-2, you can read: How to Upgrade Hero and Villain Advancement to Tier-2 MARVEL Future Fight

If you already know, now we start how to level up to level 70

1. If your hero is already Tier-2, then the thing you have to do is Find Potential by fighting Villains in World Boss both in normal and Hard to 100% Potential.

Find Potential

2. If the Potential has been opened, please you Enhance Potential by using one of the Material options such as Cosmic Cube Fragment, Black Anti-Matter and Norn Stone of Chaos, you can get it by fighting Thanos and his men at World Boss and then selecting Upgrade, the Gold you have must also be sufficient to Enhance Potential, otherwise this process cannot be done. It is recommended not to use Cosmic Cube Fragment because it will be used for Tier-3 later and how to get it is difficult to have to fight a Hard level World Boss.

Enhance Potential
Material Enhance Material

3. After successfully Enhace Potential, level 62 will be unlocked, then please go ahead Level Up using unused biometrics until Max writes, if it is maximal, please do Enhance Potential and Level Up again repeatedly until level 64, 66, 68 and 70 are unlocked. Don’t forget the material must also be sufficient, right.

Level Up Hero
Use Biometrics to Level Up Hero

4. Well Congratulations, your Hero is already Level 70, then we will proceed to the Tier-3 process huh

How to Advance Tier-3 Hero Marvel Future Fight

If your hero is Tier-2 and Level 70 now we will do the process to be able to open Tier-3, this process you need a lot of patience because the Material that we will use is very difficult to get, but don’t worry if you follow this step correctly you will definitely can do the Advancement process to Tier-3

1. After your Hero is Level 70, the thing you have to do is upgrade your Character Gear to level +25 by using materials such as Black Anti-Matter, Dimension Dust, and Titan Component Pack. You can get all these materials at World Boss Level Hard, except for Black Anti-Matter, which you can get at World Boss Level Easy, Normal and Hard. Collect materials and upgrade Character Gear to +25, this process takes a lot of time because the World Boss can only be done 5 times a day.

Gear Character Upgrade +25
All Gear is +25 all

2. If the gear character upgrade process is maximized, then you just have to select Advancement and then collect the required materials such as Gold 2.5 million, 10 Titan Record items (which are picture books) according to the type of hero such as Combat, Blast, Speed ​​and Universal, 800 Cosmic Cube Fragment, 1000 Dimension Dust and 500 Titan Component Pack . You can get all of these materials at World Boss Hard level, this process also takes a long time because the drop rate for these items is quite rare, but if you have collected all the requested items, all you have to do is tap Advance.

Collect the requested item
Items are complete

4. If you tap Advancement then Tier-3 will open, and congratulations you have finished upgrading your hero to Tier-3.

Tier-3 succeeded

So that’s how to rank up to level 70 and upgrade Advancement to Tier-3, indeed the process takes quite a long time, but if you are consistent then the method above is quite easy for you to do. Hopefully this article is useful for newbie Marvel Future Fight players, don’t forget to comment if you’re still confused, and don’t forget to share the article with your friends.