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Build Valentina Hurts 2022 Mobile Legends

Build Valentina Hurts 2021 Mobile Legends

Hero Valentina will be released on November 23, 2022, this Hero will clearly enter the Hero META. Because of Hero Valentine can take the opponent’s Ultimate Skill, when using the opponent’s Ultimate Skill, Valentine will change form into an Opponent Hero who is affected by Ultimate Skill.

Besides, if the opponent Valentine is a Physical Damage Hero, Valentine will get additional Physical Attack based on his Magic Power, up to Valentine back to its original form.

For those of you who want to use the hero Valentina, here Zenva will Recommend Build Valentina Hurt 2022, which can easily kill the enemy. Just read on 🙂

Valentina's Worst Build 2021 Mobile Legends

The picture above is a Recommendation for the Worst Valentina 2022 Mobile Legends Build that you can use.

Of course, by using this build, the damage from Valentina will be even more painful when used. Well, for an explanation of the item, just see below!

Build Valentina Sick 2022

1. Arcane Boots

Items Valentina Sick 2021

Price items this shoe is 690 gold, After buying this item will be Give +40 Movement Speed ​​+10 Magical PEN.

2. Calamity Reaper

Valentina's Latest Build 2021

Price items this magic is 1950 gold, After buying this item will Give +70 Magic Power +100 Mana +6 Mana Regen +10% Cooldown Reduction.

Unique Passive-Calamity: Within 3 seconds of using the skill, the next Basic Attack will deal Additional True Damage 120% of Magic Power with Cooldown for 1.5 seconds. Then Gain 10% Movement Speed ​​for a short time.

3. Holy Crystal

Valentina's Best Build 2021

Price items this magic is 2180 gold, After buying this item will Give +100 Magic Powers.

Unique Passive-Mystery: Increase Magic Attack by 21% to 35%, Of all the items we buy (Increases As Level Goes).

4. Necklace Of Durance

The Sickest Valentina Build 2021

Price items this magic is 2010 gold, After buying this item will Give +60 Magic Power +5% Cooldown Reduction +10% Magical Lifesteal.

Unique Passive-Life Drain: After dealing damage to the target, reduce Shield and HP Regen of the target hit by the skill, will be reduced by 50% for 3 seconds.

5. Divine Glaive

Top Build Global Valentina 2021

Price items this magic is 1970 gold, After buying this item will Give +65 Magic Power. In addition, this item also provides Attribute: +35% Magical PEN

Unique Passive-Spellbreaker: Every Magic Defense the opponent has will increase Magic Penetration by 0.1% when dealing damage to him. limited to 20%.

6. Blood Wings

Best Build Valentina 20221

Price items this magic 3000 gold, After buying this item will Give +150 Magic Power +500 HP.

Unique Passive-Guard: Obtaining Shield equivalent to 200% Magic Power, Gain 30 more Shields when destroyed.

Valentina Builds the Sick 2021 Mobile Legends

That’s the Worst Valentina Build 2022 in Mobile Legends, Hopefully this article can be useful for you, so you can maximize Valentina’s Hero by using a suitable build.

Valentina’s Emblem and Battle Spell

Valentina’s Pain Emblem Settings

Build and Emblem Valentina Sick 2022

If you want to play Hero Valentine with high Magic Damage, and high Magical Penetration, and can burn enemies, Emblem Magic Worship is the solution. By using this Emblem, every time you deal damage that is greater than the opponent’s Max HP Hero 3 times in 5 seconds, you can get cause them to burn three times, Each time dealing 80 to 250 Magic Damage. This effect has a cooldown of 12 seconds.

Recommended Battel Spell Valentina

There are 2 Types of Battle Spells that Hero Valentina can use, namely for attack and also as defense/escape.

1.) Flameshot

Recommended Valentina Sick Build 2021

If you want to use a hero Valentine with Battle Spell Damage, Flameshot is the solution.

Fires a Flamming Shot in the specified direction, dealing damage which scales with distance. When using this Skill, it causes an effect Knockback to the nearest opponent. When it hits the target, it will slow down the target.

2.) Flicker

Valentina's Worst Build Recommendation 2021

If you’re dying using Hero Valentina, then you want blurry, Flicker is the solution.

By using the Battel Spell Flicker, you can easily move to where you want. the distance from Flicker is also quite far, which you can use to escape when you are dying. You can also use Flicker to chase enemies or freestyle.

Thanks for reading my article 🙂

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