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Build the Strongest Phylax in Mobile Legends

Build the Strongest Phylax in Mobile Legends

Phylax is a Tank Marksaman hero who has considerable damage. In addition, Phylax also has the ability Durability which is quite good when facing one on one on the same lane. That’s why Phylax is often used in classic and rank. Therefore, with the right build item, Phylax will be very annoying.

Not only that, Phylax also has Crowd Control which is quite annoying. With this ability, Phylax is able to throw the enemy backwards with a skill combo of 2 pointing at the enemy then Flicker back.

For those of you who want to use the Phylax hero, here Zenva will Recommend Strongest Phylax Build, which can make it difficult for the enemy to kill him. Just read on 🙂

Phylax Mobile Legends Strongest Build

The picture above is a Recommendation for the Strongest Phylax Build in Mobile Legends that you can use.

Of course, by using this build, the Defense from Phylax will be stronger when used. Nah, for an explanation of the item, just see below!

The Strongest Phylax Build

1. Though Boots – Conceal

Hero Phylax's first item is Though Boots Conceal

The price of this shoe item is 700 gold, after buying Items this will Give +40% Movement Speed ​​+22 Magical Defense.

Unique Passive-Fortitude: Duration Crowd Control effect received is reduced by 30%.

(Movement) Blessing

Blessing Equipment – Active – Conceal

Active: Give effect Conceal nearby teammates and increase Movement Speed by 30% to 70% (scaled with Gold from Thriving) for 5 seconds or until they take or deal damage.

After purchasing, you cannot get Gold and EXP from Minions and Creeps and must collect 600 Gold from Equipment Roam to unlock this Skill (up to 1500 Gold)

2. Antique Cuirass

Hero Phylax's second item is Antique Cuirass

The price of this defense item is 2170 gold, after buying this item will give +920 HP +54 Physical Defense + 4 HP Regen.

Unique Pacific-Deter: When hit by an opposing Hero’s Skill, reduces their Physical Attack by 8% for 2 seconds (Up to 3 Stacks).

3.Anthena’s Shield

Hero Phylax's Third Item Is Anthena's Shield

The price of this defense item is 2150 gold, after buying Items this will Give +900 HP +62 Magical Defense +2 HP Regen.

Unique Passive-Shield: Can be activated when receiving Magic Damage. Reduces Magic Damage taken by 25% for 5 seconds (Including Magic Damage That Activates This Effect). You can only reactivate this effect after 10 seconds of fighting death.

4. Dominance Ice

Phylax Hero's Fourth Item Is Dominance Ice

The price of this defense item is 2010 gold, after buying Items this will Give +500 Mana +70 Physical Defense +5% Movement Speed. In addition, this item also provides Attribute: 10% Cooldown Reduction

Unique Passive-Arctic Cold: Reduces Shield and HP Regen of nearby enemy heroes by 50% (Excluding Those Affected by “Life Drain”), and Reduces their Attack Speed ​​by 30%.

5. Immortality

Hero Phylax's Fifth Item Is Immortality

The price of this defense item is 2120 gold, after buying Items this will Give +800 HP +40 Physical Defense.

Unique-Immortal Passive: Resurrect 2.5 seconds after being eliminated and gains 16% HP and a shield that absorbs 220 to 1200 damage. (Scales With Hero Level) Shield lasts up to 3 seconds, This effect has a Cooldown of 210 seconds.

6. Twilight Armor

Hero Phylax's Sixth Item Is Twilight Armor

The price of this defense item is 2100 gold, after buying Items this will Give +1200 HP +400 Mana +20% Critical Damage Reduction.

Unique Passive-Defiance: Can be activated after receiving 600 Physical Damage, Reduces Physical Damage received by 20% and deals True Damage equal to 20 + 5% of the Hero’s additional Max HP to nearby enemies every second. Lasts for 3 seconds, Has Cooldown for 6 seconds.

Build Phylax Strongest And Sick 2021

That’s the Strongest Phylax Build in Mobile Legends, Hopefully This Article Can Be Useful For You So You Can Maximize Hero Phylax by using a suitable build.


The Strongest Phylax Emblem

Strongest Phylax Emblem Setting

If you want to play Hero phylax with Durability tall one, A suitable emblem for Phylax is Brave Smite, because Emblem this if you cause Crowd Control effect on the opponent, it will restore 10% of max HP. This effect has a cooldown of 8 seconds. the image above is perfect for the Phylax Emblem Set. Good luck:)

Battel Spell Phylax

Battel Spell Flicker is very suitable for use on Phylax heroes

Battle Spell suitable for Hero phylax is Flicker. Using the Battel Spell Flicker, You can easily move places to where you want. the distance from Flicker is also quite far, which you can use to escape when you are dying. You can also use Flicker to chase the enemy or freestyle.

Thanks for reading my article 🙂

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