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Build Phoveus Best Mobile Legend


Yes so this article shows the sickest phoveus build. For those of you who don’t know the phoveus skill, I’ll tell you first.

Passive(Deity Intuition)

Passive : every time there is an enemy who blink/Dash, reduce cooldown all skills for 1 second, the distance is 10 yards.

Skill 1(Malefic Terror)

Skill 1 : attack will deal magic damage with slow 25%

– explosion can spread to a nearby enemy

– got Shield if it goes into an explosion, the more enemies the more shield

– can be stuck 3 times.

Skill 2(Astaros Eye)

Skill 2 : a skill that is quite far away

– reduce enemy’s moves speed by 40%

– after 1 second, enemy pulled to the middle the eye if it is in the eye area.

Skill 3/Ultimate(Deity Force)

Skill 3/ultimate : teleport to the enemy who is doing Dash/blink and also deals enormous magic damage

– can be used multiple times on condition that the enemy must blink/Dash

-skill duration is only 10 seconds, if you have Ulti once then within 10 seconds nothing will happen blink/Dash then the ultimate can’t be used anymore and cooldown for 30 seconds if level 12, one Dash/blink one Ulti for 10 seconds.

Phoveus Pain Build

One of the items above can be replaced with a lightning trunceon, because skill 1 phoveus area is very suitable if you buy a lightning trunceon.

~The video below is for the sickest build~

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