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BTS World: Game Become a BTS Manager? ARMY Must Try!

There is good news for you fans of KPop music, especially Army (BTS fans) because recently Netmarble presented a new game, namely BTS World for Android and iOS smartphones.

BTS World Download free free
BTS World

In this game you will be the manager of BTS. Where ARMY will be taken to 2021 before BTS was formed.

Players of this game will experience what it was like to be a BTS manager before their debut until they became famous. You will be in charge of managing the schedule and life of each BTS member.

BTS World Account Login
BTS World Netmarble

BTS World is a story simulation game, where players of this game can see exclusive photos and videos of BTS members.

In the teaser video uploaded by Netmarble. The Manager is the one who determines when BTS debuts in the game. This game contains all the content about BTS, in it there are 10,000 new photos and more than 100 new videos.

Download BTS World Pre-Registration Tutorial How To
BTS World Netmarble

You can’t download this game because Netmarble just opened Pre-Registration (Pre-Registration/Pre-Register) on Friday (10/5/2021) so the game is not yet available on the App Store or Play Store.

However, you can register Pre-Register first at [Situs Resmi BTS World Netmarble], later when it is released, you will immediately get a notification both on the Play Store and the App Store.

The pre-registration method is also quite easy, you only need to select the App Store or Play Store depending on the device you are using, then enter your active email, then press the “Apply to be manager of BTS World” button.

For ARMY or KPop fans, you must try this game on your favorite smartphone, because you will feel how to be a BTS manager, of course it’s very exciting if you are a fan of BTS members.

So what do you think this game is like? Can’t wait to play this game right? Write in the comments yes!

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