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Best Hero Counter Aamon Mobile Legends

There are 15 Hero Mobile Legends that can Counter Aamon.

Best Hero Counter Aamon Mobile Legends

Aamon is a new hero that will be released on October 26, 2022 in Mobile Legends. Aamon is a hero assassin with the ability Camouflage, wich one Aamon can be invisible when Aamon uses his Skill.

This is certainly quite troubling for the players, because Aamon can be invisible and it will be very easy to kill the enemy team that has Durability low.

on the other hand Aamon this would definitely be very hard to kill. However, difficult to kill does not mean can not be killed. Of course there are some heroes who can do that Counter against Hero Aamon this. What do you think?

You can also watch the video below

You must be curious about what hero counters Aamon Mobile Legends are. Just read on 🙂

15 Hero Counter Aamon Mobile Legends

1. Ruby

Aamon's First Counter Hero Is Ruby

This Ruby has skills Crowd Control which is very annoying, It will definitely be very annoying Aamon When war.

Skill 2 and skill 3 Ruby will make Aamon do not dare to approach let alone attack.

2. Karina

Aamon's Second Counter Hero is Karina

This Karina tank will definitely be very difficult to fight, moreover this Hero with his 1st Skill will definitely Countering heroes who rely on basic attacks like Aamon.

on the other hand Karina has high mobility, Skill 1 of Karina will definitely be able to catch up to the Hero Aamon, which will force Aamon to do a team fight or war.

3. Silvanna

Aamon's Third Counter Hero Is Silvanna

This Silvanna Hero will be very annoying if the enemy Hero picks it, because this Silvanna has The ultimate skill which can lock up the enemy so they can’t escape.

Aamon will definitely be very stressed if he is met with a Hero Silvanna, because Silvanna will definitely aiming for Aamon continuously, which makes Hero Aamon mentally hit.

4. Barats

Aamon's Fourth Counter Hero Is Barats

These Barats Have Extremely high durability, which would be very difficult to Aamon kill Barats. In addition, Barats also have very large damage, which is capable of making Hero Aamon overwhelmed.

Barats also have an Ultimate Skill that can eat Aamon, it will be very difficult to dodge that way Aamon will be ganked after the ultimate is over.

5. Paquito

Aamon's Fifth Counter Hero Is Paquito

Hero Paquito is very agile, besides this hero has high durability, and the worst thing is again This hero has a very deadly Crowd Control.

If paquito already said fist for fist, get ready. You will definitely get a combo especially when Paquito is in Champs mode, you will be hit by a 3-2-1-3-3 combo what makes Aamon Die right away, guys.

6. Benedetta

Aamon's Sixth Counter Hero Is Benedetta

Hero Benedetta is very agile, will definitely make Aamon hard to kill him. Besides Skill 2 This Benedetta Hero Immune has Crowd Control damage and Skill, in this way Aamon will definitely lose when dealing with Benedetta.

7. Martis

Aamon's Seventh Counter Hero Is Martis

This Martis Hero has Skill 2 which can Immune to crowd control effects, on the other hand the damage it takes is only 60% When Martis was using his 2nd Skill.

The worst thing again Martis this Has a fast Cooldown Skill, Have excellent Mobility, And Very high Burst Damage, So Aamon have no chance to kill Martis.

8. Saber

Aamon's Eighth Counter Hero Is Saber

This Saber Has Huge Damage, which will make Aamon instantly die when when hit by Ultimate Saber Skill.

on the other hand Skill 1 Saber Has a wide attack range, which could invalidate Aamon’s Camouflage effect, that way Aamon will be seen, just brush it with Ultimate Skill.

9. Kaja

Aamon's Ninth Counter Hero Is Kaja

Kaja is almost the same as Saber, i.e. the same instant kill. This Kaja Hero has a very large Damage from his Ultimate Skill, besides that Kaja also has deadly Crowd Control.

If there is an enemy pick Hero Kaja, will make Aamon is very difficult to kidnap the opponent’s Hero Core, because Kaja able to protect Hero Core very well.

10. Mathilda

Aamon's Tenth Counter Hero Is Mathilda

This Mathilda Hero will make Aamon users annoyed, because this Hero is very agile which make it difficult for Aamon to kill him.

on the other hand Mathilda also has a Crowd Control effect on his Ultimate Skill, This ultimate can avoid Burst Damage and also produce large damage which can make Hero Aamon overwhelmed.

11. Lancelot

Aamon's Eleventh Counter Hero Is Lancelot

Lancelot has Durability which is very high, the Cooldown of Skills is also very short, besides that Lancelot also has Huge Burst Damage what makes Aamon die before casting a Skill.

12. Baxia

Aamon's Twelfth Counter Hero Is Baxia

Skill 1 of Baxia got chasing Aamon, then add Skill 2 which has a short cooldown, Besides that the damage from Skill 2 is also pretty good for making Aamon dying.

13. Valir

Aamon's Thirteenth Counter Hero Is Valir

Valir has Damage which is bigger than Skill 1, besides this Skill 1 can produce stun effect and slow effect.

Valir also has the Knockback Skill, which makes Aamon is having trouble approaching him.

14. Lylia

Aamon's Fourteenth Counter Hero Is Lylia

Lylia has a wide range of skills, besides that her skills also have Huge damage what makes Aamon did not dare to approach him.

Although Aamon managed to get close to or make Lylia die, Lylia will immediately use her Ultimate Skill which is where will restore lost HP.

15. Nana

Aamon's Fifteenth Counter Hero Is Nana

Who knows Aamon’s last Counter Hero is Nana. Yep right, Nana it has a very annoying Crowd Control, besides that this hero also has Enough damage that could Aamon die.

Although Aamon managed to make Nana dying, the Passive of Hero Nana will be active which is where Nana can turn into Molina for 2 seconds when she is almost dead.

Here's the hero counter Aamon Mobile Legends

That’s Counter Hero Aamon Mobile Legends, which can make Hero Aamon annoyed, sad, overwhelmed, and Feeder.

Thanks for reading my article 🙂