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Best Build Item Myth Awakening Evan Seven Knights Kakao – Not long ago Seven Knights Kakao released the Myth Awakening hero Evan, after Myth Awakening Dellon and Sun Wukong. Evan himself is a Tank type hero who is quite hard for PVP.
Now, on this occasion, Babang will give tips on building items, jaws, and the best potential skills for Evan. But before going to build items, we should first know the skills and passive heroes of this hero, check it out

Increase allies Defense by 70%
Position Adaptation: Will of Salvation effect for himself
Mitigates his damage received by 60%
When he dies, revives with 50% of this HP

Skill 1
Deals 140% Physical Attack to all enemies twice
Reduces targets buff duration by 3 turns
Reduces enemies awaken skill gauge by 60%

Skill 2
Grants himself [Shield of Revenge effect] by 50% of his max HP (Gives himself a Shield of Revenge effect of 50% of his Max HP)
Grants allies 3000 HP Shield for 3 turns
[Lv. 50 Enhancement]
Reduce Enemies Deductible buff 3 times (Reduces buff reduction from enemies by 3 times)

Awaken Skill
Deals 130% Physical attack to all enemies 3 times. Apply Penetrates. (Deals 130% physical attack to all enemies 3 times. Penetration applies)
Grants allies 3 Voild Sheild. (Gives team 3 Voild Sheild)
Heals allies HP by 3000
[Lv. 40 Enhancement]
Heals amount 3000->5000 (Amount of healing from 3000 to 5000)

Awaken 3rd Option: *passive* Reduce enemies total damage by 50%
Special Basic Attacks: Deals 500% Physical Attack (deals 500% physical attack)
Myth Equip Stat (Max): HP+900 and Block chance +20%


  • Position Adaptition: Will of Salvation effect when Evan is on the team, it will be immune to Stun and Sleep.
  • When Evan is on the team, he will be immune to instant death skills (Example: Aquila and Kagura awaken skill)
  • When Evan is behind, it will add 20% special basic attack for the team
  • Sheild of Revenge effect: gives 40% shield from his maximum HP. The shield will replace HP for all damage taken. After receiving 3 attacks will reduce all the enemy’s HP by as much as the lost shield decreases.

Build Items Myth Awakening Evan

Because Evan is often used for PVP, armor items and focus as tankers, the recommended items are Raid Dragon items of Speed ​​attack or Crit Rate type, and HP or Block Rate (choose one), but the items that Babang uses are Speed ​​attack and HP. Don’t forget to maximize your items, the higher the power up item, the harder Evan’s tank will be. You can buy Raid items in the Shop with Raid items.

For Jawel himself Babang focuses on HP (Green Jawel) and HP skills for every basic attack and block rate of 30% or more details can be seen in the picture

For Ring Babang, it is recommended to use Ring Revive or Ring Survival with 1 HP, but it is recommended to use a revive ring

For Skill Potential so that Evan gets tougher, you can see the picture below

Well, that’s the best item build for Myth Awakening Evan according to Babang, this build doesn’t have to be a benchmark, but you can develop yourself as creatively as possible to make your best item build and I hope this article is useful.