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Auto Mvp! This is the Painful Valentina Build in Mobile Legends

Valentina Build Items

Valentine is one of the most annoying new mage heroes in Mobile Legends, because this hero has skills that can take the opponent’s ultimate.

When using an opponent’s Ultimate, Valentine will change into the form of the opponent not only that but Valentine also receive their basic attack type, if the opponent Valentine is Hero physical damage, Valentine will get additional physical attacks based on his magic power until he returns to his original form. Bust, Hero is really moving.

For those of you who are interested in using heroes Valentine, here we are Valentina’s Painful build recommendation, Valentina’s Best Build was immediately read.

You can use this build

The picture above is a build recommendation valentine sick ala Zenva Mobile Legends that you can use. Of course, by using this build, the damage from Valentina will be even more painful when used. Well, for explanation the item, go ahead watch below yes!


Best Hurt Valentina Build

1. Demon Shoes

Valentina’s first item

These shoes are perfect for Valentine, due to the use of skills valentine very wasteful so this shoe is perfect, every one of you eliminate opponent or assist will recover 10% mana, Meanwhile eliminate Minon will recover mana by 4%.

2. Fleeting Time

Valentine’s second item

why fleeting time? Because After eliminate or get assists, Cooldown Skill Ultimate Hero will reduced by 30%Well, this is very suitable for use on heroes Valentine, because Valentine must use ultimate to take the opponent’s skill.

3. Holy Crystal

Valentina’s third item

This item will increase magic attack by 21% to 35%, increases as the level goes on. Holy Crystal can be called the strongest Magic item because the passive of this item can be Increases all Magic Attack up to 35% of the total Magic Power of the items we buy. Oops right!

4. Concentrated Energy

Valentina’s fourth item

Valentine need lifesteal then concentrated energy is the solution, by buying a concentrated energy item then Valentine will get an attribute of +25 magic lifesteal not only that, we also get passives from concentrated energy items, unique passive recharges: Defeat enemy heroes to recover HP by 10%.

5. Winter Truncheon

Valentina’s fifth item

By buying this item you get an active freeze skill: causes a freeze effect when used, can’t do anything but will get immune effect against all damage and debuffs. Lasts for 2 seconds with cooldown During 100 seconds, this item is also often used for freestyle or teasing the opponent.

Winter Truncheon is an item clutch the important one. With use at the right time you can avoid death. Very important to buy Winter Truncheon fight hero burst deadly.

6. Blood Wings

Valentina’s last item

This item is very useful for Valentine because in addition to providing enormous magic damage, this item also gains Shield equal to 200% magic power. And if Shield crushed or broken then you will get Shield again as big as 30.

That’s the item build for Valentina’s hero in mobile legends, I hope this article is very useful for you so that you can maximize Valentina’s Hero by using a suitable build.


Recommended sick emblem Valentine

[Mage Emblem]

Before determining the correct arrangement of the emblems, you must first determine the gameplay what kind of hero are you? Are you more of a support mage or a damage mage, if the damage mage picture above is perfect for the Valentina emblem set.

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