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Android Stack Ball Review, Exciting Arcade Game!

Stack Ball is an Arcade game that is currently popular on the Playstore. You will be invited to play to crash, destroy and bounce the ball until it reaches the end point.

Android Stack Ball Review, Exciting Arcade Game!

This game is very suitable to be played when you are bored or bored, this game is offline so you can play anywhere without the need for an internet connection, besides this game can hone your patience and accuracy.

Guide Stack Ball

Later you will be asked to destroy the rotating spiral that has different colors using a small ball until it reaches the bottom point, but you cannot destroy the black spiral, if it is destroyed then the game will be over and will start over again. Playing this game requires the right strategy so that you don’t destroy the black spiral, you can stop for a moment if you touch the black spiral. You also have to focus and control your emotions so that the ball can reach the bottom point, if you manage to get to the bottom it will move on to the next more difficult level.

Stack Ball Details

This game is suitable to be played by anyone (3+), and has a light game size so it doesn’t take up your smartphone’s storage space, for more details, here are the details

  • Game Name : Stack Ball
  • Developer : AI GAMES FZ
  • Genre : Arcade
  • Size: 33MB
  • OS : Android
  • Rating : 3+
  • Download Link : Stack Ball on Play Store
  • Rating & Reviews : 4.2 over 44K reviews
  • Number of Downloads: More than 10 million downloads on Playstore

The final word

So that’s the review of Stack Ball, an arcade game that is currently popular on the Play Store, to be able to sharpen your brain you don’t need to use cheats, to test to what level you can play this game, this game looks easy but it can be difficult if you are careless in destroy the spiral. Hopefully useful and good luck!

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