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Aamon Tutorial | Tips for Using Hero Aamon Mobile Legends

Tips for Using Hero Aamon

Aamon is New Hero Mobile Legends, which can not visible when aamon use the skill.

With an ability that cannot be seen, aamon it will be very easy to kidnap hero core or support opponent. with this ability, will definitely make a hero aamon be decisive victory.

For those of you who are learn hero aamon, here Zenva will share tips for using hero aamon properly and correctly. Just read on 🙂

You can also see the video below, if you don’t understand the explanation of this article.

7 tips and tricks Using Hero Aamon

1. Learn the 4 Skills of Hero Aamon

New Hero Aamon

– Passive – Invisible Armor (Conceal/Buff)

Aamon's Passive Skill

Aamon enter mode Camouflage, every time aamon hit the opponent by using skill. On the other hand, Aamon at the time of fashion Camouflage can’t be targeted.

Aamon recovers 25 (+15% Total Magic Power) + 4% of his lost HP every 0.6 seconds, and get 60% additional movement speed that reduce with fast for 4 seconds.

After Ending Mode Camouflage, Aamon soon reset Cooldown his basic attack and strengthen his basic attack in the next 2.5 seconds. Every basic attack that is used strengthen Deals 55 (+100% Total Physical Attack) (+65% Total Magic Power) magic damage and reduces skill cooldown Aamon as much as 0.5 seconds.

Increases damage from the first strengthened basic attack to 120% if aamon ends mode Camouflage actively.

– Skill 1 – Soul Shards (Damage)

Aamon's 1st Skill

Passive: Aammon did Charge on his armor every time aamon using a skill, or hitting an opponent with a strengthened skill or basic attack. On Charge 5th, Aamon threw 5 Shard to the target in the next attack. Every shard deals 40 (+15% Total Magic Power) magic damage. Shard it will spread around target and can be taken by aamon to do Charge on his armor.

Active: Aamon throw shard to against nearby, dealing 150(+60% Total Magic Power) magic damage.

– Skill 2 – Slayer Shards (Conceal/Damage)

Skill 2 Aamon

Aamon throws the shard forward, deals 120 (+50% Total Magic Power) magic damage to the opponent Non-Minion first hit and slows them by 50% for 2 seconds, shard it will then immediately return to aamon.

If shard failed to hit the opponent, shard will return to aamon after a short pause and allow aamon to enter the mode Camouflage

– Ultimate Skill – Endless Shards (Burst Damage)

Aamon's Ultimate Skill

Aamon throws the whole shard to a specified opponent and slows them down by 30% for 1.5 seconds. After a short pause, the shard will fly back to the opponent’s location, each dealing 90 (+24% Total Magic Power) 150 (+40% Total Magic Power) magic damage.

Amount shard increases with Charge of Aamon and armor shard which is on the ground (8-25).

Damage dealt increase along with loss The target cell phone is lost, until maximum when the target’s HP is below 30%. The target same accept more damage a little of the next attack.

2. Pay attention to Mana Usage

Hero Aamon

Aamon required to use Skill, to be able to kill enemies easier. however, the use of skills from the hero Aamon is quite large, which can make aamon’s mana run out. As a precaution, Zenva will recommend the Calamity Reaper item. Apart from giving mana, this item also deals a lot of true damage.

3. Use Aamon’s Sick Build

Build Aamon Hurt

The picture above is a recommendation Build Hurt Aamon which you can use. Of course, by using the build, then Aamon’s damage will be more painful when used.

First Item Behemoth Hunter’s Arcane Boots

Aamon's First Item

Calamity Reaper’s second item

Aamon's Second Item

The third item Feather Of Heaven

Aamon's Third Item

Fourth item Holy Crystal

Aamon's fourth item

Fifth Item Concentrated Energy

Aamon's Fifth Item

Divine Glaive’s Sixth Item

Aamon's Sixth Item

Well, for the explanation of the item. just press this text 🙂

4. Use Aamon’s Combo Skill

When you play hero aamon, don’t forget to play the combo.

Aamon’s First Combo:

This second combo uses Skill 2, try this skill 2 about the enemy, after that you hit the Hero you want kill. after that use skill 1 then hit the enemy that was previously attacked aim, after that just press the skill ultimate, the enemy is guaranteed to die.

Aamon’s Second Combo:

This second combo, you use skill 1 and skill 2 to jungle it’s okay, you can go to minion also. collect the shards below to the max, after that you see folder Is there any enemy around you. If there is enemy, you press Ultimate skills toward enemy what you want kill, then hit once that way the enemy will die.

5. War Tips Using Hero Aamon

When you play Hero Aamon, you have to be good at taking position so that you can kill Heroes who have low Durability.

Use Skill 2 point it anywhere, after that run to the enemy’s rear position or to the side of the enemy and look for grass. Don’t be seen in folder let alone until seen by enemy, after that use skill 2 again and kidnap weak heroes like marksman, mage, supportYou can also hyper, don’t aim at the fighter first, let alone target the tank.

Therefore victory it will be easier to get, hope you can play Hero Aamon properly and correctly.

6. Use the Mage Emblem Settings

Aamon's Pain Emblem Settings

Aamon’s Pain Emblem Settings

Best Aamon Emblem Settings

Best Aamon Emblem Settings

Although Aamon is a role assassin, don’t forget if Aamon the damage is still mage.

So A suitable emblem for Aamon is Magic Worship, By using the emblem Magic Worship, Definitely the damage from Aamon will be very big and can kill very opponent easy.

You can choose the aamon emblem setting above, you can use the emblem settings in the first image and the second image. free yes, according to your play. both are good 🙂

7. Recommended Battel Spell Aamon

There is 2 Types of Battle Spell that can be used by Hero Aamon, that is for Farming and to Attack. Just according to your play.

1.) If you want to use a hero Aamon with battle spell farming, Retribution is the solution.

Battle Spell Retribution

utility Retribution you already know it’s like taking Buff, Lord, and also Turtle. on the other hand Retribution can also be used for kill the opponent.

Not only that, but it’s good to use Battle Spell Retribution, you can farm faster, when compared to other battle spells. on the other hand, Retribution can also slow down the enemy if you press Retribution to the enemy. other uses, such as stealing jungle, and most importantly can steal turtles/lords.

2.) If you want to use a hero Aamon with battle spell damage, Execute is the solution.

Battle Spell Execute

utility execute you already know, that is killing against who have low HP.

Not only that but it’s good to use battle spell Execute, every time you kill an enemy using execute, Cooldown of this Battel Spell will be reduced by 40%. And the most important thing is execute this ignores Shield.

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Hopefully this article can increase your skills


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