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9 Mobile Legend Heroes That You Must Ban in Season 11

Mobile Legends

Who doesn’t know the Mobile Legend game, an analog Moba game that is still popular in Indonesia. Almost all people play this game from children to adults. Mobile Legend is the same as other MOBA games, that is, our task is to destroy the enemy tower and whoever loses the biggest tower will lose. In Mobile Legend there are various game modes such as Classic, Brawl, Ranked and others. In Epic ranked tier mode and above, both teams are required to ban 2 heroes each. Well in the article 9 Mobile Legend Heroes That You Must Ban in Season 11 this is the recommended hero to be banned

  1. Harith

    Harith is a pure mage hero that you must ban, in the Epic to Mytic tier this hero is never separated from the banned zone because of his agile and OP skills. Skill 1 has a slow effect, skill 2 is the Dash skill and has a passive basic attack that significantly strengthens after the Dash is finished. And the Ulti brings out Cross Path if Harith is in it then skill 1 and skill 2 will have a shorter cooldown and make it easier for Harith to Spam skills and sadistic Brust damage. Do you still want Harith not to be banned?

  2. Chou

    Chou is a Fighter type hero, after being reworked, this hero becomes very spicy in his skills, so this hero must once enter the banned zone. In the past, Chou was mostly used as a Tank, but this season Moonton makes Chou a pure Fighter. With skill 1, it has a very large CC, both skills blink, and absorb. Chou also gets a base damage buff after rework to Lv1 with Real Hard DPS hero making Chou very easy to reduce the enemy’s carry blood to 50%, sure you don’t want Chou to be banned?

  3. Lunox

    Lunox is a mage type hero. Even though Lunox is often out of the zone ban, this hero is still very sick of damage. This hero who has 4 skills and 2 modes, namely dark and light, can be very dangerous if not banned. Because at Lv1 he already has 2 skills where 1 is a light orb that has low damage but can also provide self-healing which is very helpful for this hero, and the target of this skill has no limit as long as the enemy or minion is still within his skill range. The second is Dark Orb which has the effect of dealing damage based on 2% max HP making the Tank affected by this skill rendered helpless. The three skills have the effect of slowing the enemy, and the two ultimates, Light and Dark mode, have different effects. Ulti Light Mode makes Lunox unable to be targeted by any enemy hero. Ulti dark mode makes skill 1 both dark orb and light orb unlimited for 8 seconds, allowing him to spam skills and melt enemy HP in an instant.

  4. Aldous

    Aldous is a Fighter hero, this hero is also required to enter the ban zone. For the early game this hero has not felt the damage at all because this hero is obliged to collect the stack as a passive from this hero. But in the mid and late game this hero can be very sick if this hero already has a lot of stacks, even all carry heroes will be exhausted by Aldous with just 2 HIT.

  5. Selena

    Selena is the only hero who has 2 skill sets, namely Normal Form and Abyss Form. Where this hero has 3 skills that are unlocked at level 1, namely skill 1 normal form, skill 1 abyss form and ulti which can change from normal form to abyss form. Selena is the fastest hero in taking buffs to beat Fanny. Has a stun on skill 2 by removing a creature that flies straight and stuns a maximum of 2.5 seconds. Skill 1 can strengthen basic attacks so this hero is quite sick and troublesome in the early game.

  6. Gusion

    This hero is an assassin mage type hero. Gusion has the nickname Perfect Midler because the mobility and damage of this hero is very high so it is very easy to roam and clear lane very quickly. If you are a pro in using Gusion’s hero, then it is very easy to get a kill when this hero reaches level 4 with his 10 dagger combo it will be very easy to drain 50% of the opponent’s HP from the Carry Hero type (Hero with low drubality). And the skill is that after giving 3 skills, the next basic attack will give true damage of a certain percentage of the total HP that has been reduced from the target.

  7. Kimmy

    This hero is a maxman mage hero. In this meta season, Kimmy is again the choice to be picked or banned. In the previous update Kimmy got Nerf which was quite significant so this hero lost his place as a Viable Hero in Ranked Mode. However, in this Season update, Moonton again gives Buff DMG to Kimmy so that this hero has a very high Brust DMG.

  8. Johnson

    This hero is a Tank Mage type hero, but is more dominant in Tanks. Why did Johnson have to be on the ban list? of course you already know this hero can be very annoying and painful if used by pro players. The hero who likes to come suddenly when he turns into a car, is also very deadly when paired with Odette. This hero also has a very hard passive if we use the Blade Armor item when the remaining HP is 25% then this hero will absorb damage.

  9. Claude

    The last hero that must be included in the ban list is Claude. This maxman hero also needs to be watched out for if used by pro players. Because this hero also has high mobility and attack speed. Claude can move places quickly which can make it difficult for the opponent. This hero is also very easy to roam and clear lane which can really help the team. But in the early game Haro is less able to solo lane, but in the late game this hero can be very deadly.

So, those are 9 heroes that we think must be included in the ban list, if you think there are other heroes who deserve to be included in the ban list, please write them in the comments.

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