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8 Tips for Playing Mobile Legends for Beginners

Mobile Legends is an Analog Moba game for Android and iOS smartphones that is currently popular in Indonesia, this game is almost played by all groups from children to adults. Many famous pro players have emerged such as Jess No Limit, Oura, Lemon and other pro players.

8 Tips for Playing Mobile Legends for Beginners

For you, novice players, you may still be confused about how to play the Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB) game properly and correctly so that you can win.

8 Tips for Playing Mobile Legends for Beginners

There are many things you need to pay attention to before you play this Moba game, because of that Babang will give you tips and tricks so you can win. These tips are perfect for you newbie players so they don’t get ripped off by other players.

Here are 8 tips for playing MLBB that you need to pay attention to

1. Stable Internet Connection

stable internet connection

The first thing you have to pay attention to before playing MLBB games is a stable connection, first see if your internet ping is green or red, because a stable internet connection is very important so that when you play it doesn’t lag or break, if your connection ping is red, you should postpone it first or look for a signal so you don’t bother your team player or even go to AFK.

2. Learn about the Hero and his Skills

mobile legends heroes

Before you play in Ranked Match, you should first learn about the hero roles such as Marksman, Tank, Mage, Assassin and Support, which one is right for you, you can practice in Practice Mode or Custom Mode. Also read the skill descriptions of each hero so you know the function of the hero’s skills.

3. Set the Hero Item Build

build items mobile legends

The next step is to set the build item hero, you can imitate the Top Player hero, or you can make your own build item, but the thing you have to pay attention to is to read the description of each item you install so you can find out if the item’s function is good. or not if used on certain heroes.

4. Look at the map for a moment while playing

Mobile legends map

Looking at the map for a moment while playing MLBB is very important, so you can find out the position of your friends, if your friend is at war it will appear on the map and you can help him, or be able to ambush the enemy secretly. Can know when the tower is attacked by the enemy.
Most novice players don’t see the map so they can trouble their team players, players like this usually get the nickname map blind player.

5. Don’t Be Selfish when Picking Hero

Pick heroes mobile legends

Most novice players like to be selfish in picking heroes, so the hero role is not balanced, you have to complete the team, for example the team lacks a tank, then you have to pick a tank, because an unbalanced team is very difficult to cooperate, for example, a team of marksman all will become heroes’ soft meals assassin. So you have to pay attention to the balance of the team in order to win.

6. Good Teamwork

mobile legends collaboration

Teamwork is also important, if you are a novice player, you have to do teamwork, for example, you are a Tank hero, then you have to help the assassin when taking buffs, for the late game you should never play solo because in the late game the enemy hero is also getting stronger, if you alone you might get beaten up by five enemy players, so be careful, okay?

7. Upgrade your Emblem

mobile legends emblem upgrade

No less important, you must upgrade your emblem to the maximum level, because emblems can increase your hero’s stats when playing. Upgrade the emblem that you often use, if the emblem has not been opened, please unlock it first and upgrade it with the required material to the maximum level.

8. Watching Live Streaming Pro Player

mobile legends live stream

To add to your experience in playing MLBB games, you can try watching live streaming pro player in the live streaming menu, or you can also watch video tutorials on Youtube, for example the Youtube channel Jessnolimit, Oura, Lemon, Patrick and others. By watching pro player videos, you can imitate the way they play, imitate build items, if you watch on Youtube you will definitely get tips from the pro player.

The final word
So that’s it 8 Easy Tips for Playing Mobile Legends Bang Bang, if you follow the 8 tips above, you are guaranteed to instantly become a professional player easily. Hopefully this article is useful and good luck!

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