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8 Examples of Student Creative Businesses, You Must Try!

Example of Student Creative Business

Who says status as a student but can not earn? Of course you can, because right now there are many examples of creative business that can be done by all groups without exception, including students. So, what are some examples of creative business ideas that students can do?

Innovative Creative Business Ideas for Students

Here are some examples of creative business ideas that can be done by students at very affordable costs. Here are some of them, namely:

Home furnishing business dAri rattan

Business of making household furniture from rattan

The business of making household furniture from rattan is an example of a business idea for students that can be done, because rattan is one of the materials that can be used as a variety of handicrafts, including household furniture.

Especially for now, household furniture made from rattan is now much sought after by the public because it is considered stronger. If you want to start a creative business for young people, this can be done by making rattan into adorable shapes so that it can attract the attention of consumers more. Meanwhile, the selling price can be sold from IDR 500 thousand to hundreds of millions.

Business Costume rental

costume rental business

If you are looking for a type of creative business for young people to do, namely the costume rental business. Since there are many celebrations of big and sacred days, this business suddenly became popular. For example, big events such as weddings, of course every bride wants to appear in elegant and beautiful costumes, so they will not hesitate to spend money on costume rentals.

Of course, this business for novice students can be said to be a very promising business. Moreover, for each rental, you can set the lowest price of at least Rp. 5 million, so when there are many rents, it means that the profits achieved can be multiplied.

Selling Business Antiques

antique selling business

Looking for a home business for students? The answer is the business of selling antiques. It has been a secret for a long time that antiques become one of the hidden gold because the profits that can be obtained start from millions to billions of rupiah.

Not only have a profitable selling value, antiques also have a sentimental value that can make people return to romance with what happened in the past. In addition, the older generation has now switched to the digital era, so it’s no wonder more and more are looking for antiques because technology has made everything easier.

Moreover, a home business for students is not difficult to do and can be without capital, because you only need to come to a market that sells antiques and then offer it to people who like to collect antiques. With a little capital, the benefits obtained are exorbitant.

Example of a boarding student’s creative business

It is true that being a nomad is not an easy thing, because you have to keep fighting as hard as possible to survive. Because, there are many costs that must be paid, ranging from school fees, food fees, to boarding houses. But don’t worry because there is always a way for every problem you face, one of which is doing business. Especially now that there are many kinds of businesses for boarding students that can be done, including:

Online business

online business for boarding students

Online business is one type of business for boarding students that can be done in an easy way, because both marketing and sales are done online. What’s more, to run this business, you don’t need a large capital, it’s enough to only have a smartphone connected to the internet, so the benefits that can be obtained are quite large.

Business for novice students this one is not only about selling products but also being able to sell services if you have certain skills, especially in the field of internet marketing. By making the best use of the internet, your rupiah coffers can continue to grow, because in an online business, any type of product and service can be sold.

Photography Business

photography business for boarding students

The photography business is a business that boarding children can do and is one of the 2021 creative business ideas that has been done a lot since a long time ago. What’s more, even though it’s just a side service business, the profits that can be generated are huge.

For example, when there is a graduation celebration, of course there are many who need photography services so that the profits generated can be multiplied. In addition, if consumers are very satisfied with your shots, then it is not impossible that they will reuse your services and become subscribers.

Private Lesson Service Business

private tutoring services

Private lessons are one of the 2021 creative business ideas that can be done by boarding children who have teaching skills. To start this business is also fairly easy, you only need to offer it directly to neighbors who have school children. By offering them, there is no need to doubt that they will use your services, especially if the fees applied are in accordance with the budget.

If you can get customers who are located close to the boarding house, then there is no need for gas money to be spent, so it will save more expenses, because you only need to walk to get to the location. So, it never hurts to try this business if you really have the ability to teach people.

Selling Antiques

antique buying and selling business

Selling antiques is one of the kinds of creative businesses that boarding students can do with promising opportunities, because the profits generated are arguably very large. Moreover, now more and more collectors are eyeing antiques, whether it’s just a hobby or used for other purposes.

Thus, if you know places that sell antiques, then there is nothing wrong with marketing them online, because nowadays the online market has a tremendous effect on sales. What’s more, the profits obtained can be very large ranging from tens to hundreds of millions of rupiah.

Culinary business

culinary business

The culinary business is also one of the various creative businesses that provide promising opportunities. If you have the expertise to cook and make delicious food, then there is nothing wrong with trying this business. The types of culinary that can be sold include grilled sausages, cakes, meatballs and many more.

As for the sale, you can do it in strategic places or you can directly offer it to college friends or it can be marketed online with pre-order alternatives, so that the market you can reach can be wider.

So, if you have a lot of creative business ideas that you want to execute immediately and are believed to be able to generate a lot of rupiah coffers, then it never hurts to try a type of business that can be done by students living in boarding houses.

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