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8 Businesses with Capital of 1 Million Big Profits for Beginners and Students

Business Capital 1 Million Big Profit

When you ask-ask Is there any 1 million capital business for students what can be done and make a big profit? Of course the answer is there. If you are a student and are planning to start a business, then some of these businesses are at least worth trying. So, what are the types of business capital of 1 million 2021 that students can do?

1 Million Capital Business For Students

Here are some venture capital 1 million 2021 Students can do, including:

1. Unlock Services Translator

1 million capital business big profit

Translation services are of the wrong type 1 million capital venture in 2021 which still lasts until 2021. If you are planning to open a translator service, then you must have foreign language skills. When you want to start this business, you will definitely need a laptop to an internet quota that will support the work.

Thus, for operational costs per month that will be issued in one type of business capital, 1 million 2021 until 2021 whose depreciation costs will reach IDR 518 thousand with a gross income for each month of IDR 1.95 million, it can be concluded that the profit that can be obtained for each month is Rp. 1,432 million.

2. Service Fixie Bike Modification

1 million capital business big profit

Type of business capital 1 million for students The next thing that can be done is to open a fixie bike modification service. If you want to start this business, then all you have to do is buy and sell used frames or bars on the most sought after bicycle parts so you can get 2 to 3 times more profit. The analysis of the business is as follows for the capital of a set of bicycles:

  • Price buy 1 set of bikes Rp300 thousand
  • Price buy frames used for modification Rp150 thousand
  • Cost to rent a box car Rp100 thousand
  • The total cost of production is R550 thousand

Based on this analysis, a profit of up to Rp. 650 thousand can be obtained from the selling price of a modified bicycle of Rp. 1.2 million which is reduced by the production cost of Rp. 550 thousand.

3. Become Electronic Credit Agent

1 million capital business big profit

Type of business capital 1 million 2021 What the next student can do is become an electronic pulse agent. Currently, almost all cellphone owners are users of prepaid credit, so for those of you who want to become an electronic credit agent, they will only need a fee of Rp. 100 thousand, and later can get a turnover of at least 20 transactions at a price of Rp. 10 thousand.

So, you can imagine how much income can be obtained. However, to start this business, you have to serve sales 7 days a week and 24 hours non-stop because the competition is very tight.

1 Million Capital Business in the Village That Students Can Do

Going home but being able to earn an income is certainly the dream of every student. If you are still a student and can do that, here are the types of businesses with 1 million capital in the village What can be done for students are as follows:

1. Effort Handycrafts

1 million capital business big profit

Handicraft business is one type of business that can be done when you are returning home. Moreover, this business can be done in their spare time, and of course when they return to their hometown, every student usually has a lot of free time.

Moreover, handicrafts can be made from used goods which can be obtained in an easy way. So, it can be said that the capital from this one business is very small and maybe around Rp. 500 thousand to Rp. 1 million.

2. Business Buy and sell Quality used goods

1 million capital business big profit

One type of business with a capital of 1 million in the village What students can do is buy and sell used goods. This business does seem trivial and is more synonymous with scavenging activities, but make no mistake because the profits generated can be very large. Especially now that many people are preloved at prices that people can reach for goods that they no longer want to use or use, but can still have an income.

This business is also a small capital business because the cost that must be spent is only an internet quota which costs around Rp. 50 thousand and then you can take pictures using a smartphone and post them on social media or maybe make an exhibition of buying and selling quality used goods in the village so that you can reach many people.

3. Pre-Order Dress Business in the Village

1 million capital business big profit

The pre-order clothing business in the village is a type of business that students can do when they return home, and it can be said that this business is a small capital business. which only requires skills in designing or you can work directly with distributors who sell clothes wholesale. Then you can offer it to local residents, and place an order if there are already many orders coming in.

If you have 500 thousand capital, what business can you do?

If you ask whether the IDR 500 thousand capital you have can be used as a business or not, then the answer is yes. Then, what types of businesses can be done with a capital of Rp. 500 thousand, so here are some of them:

What kind of business can you do with 500 thousand capital? Then selling drinks is the answer. Today, there are many people who need a drink. If you want to start this business, the capital required is Rp. 15 thousand for one box and you can resell it for Rp. 20 thousand, so you can imagine with Rp. 500 thousand that you have, how many boxes of drinks can be bought and resold? Very much isn’t it?

Grilled sausage is currently one of the most popular types of snacks and is widely consumed by young people. With a capital of Rp. 500 thousand, you can buy sausages and grills and use your house as a place to sell. If every sausage is sold, the profit that can be obtained is Rp. 5 thousand, so if you can sell 20 sausages every day, you will definitely get a quick return on investment.

The most important thing in starting a business is 2 million to 5 million capital

If you ask a capital business of 2 million or business capital 5 million what can be done, then the answer is many. Such as catering businesses, private tutoring businesses to opening services to become personal trainers.

Why are these types of businesses called 2 million capital businesses? or business capital 5 million, because the funds spent can be in that range or it can be even greater, so that there are many variations that can later be added to attract more consumers.

But what is clear, when you want to start any type of business, make sure to make a business plan first and make a SWOT analysis that includes business strengths, business weaknesses, business opportunities and threats when running a business, so that when you run it, you can be better prepared with all the possibilities that could happen. In addition, there are many innovations that can be used as short or long term solutions to any problems faced.

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