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6 Best Android Games for Ngabuburit

Confused about what to do? Want to go for a walk but lazy. Then the solution is to play games. Because by playing games you won’t feel like waiting for iftar time.

Especially if the game you are playing is an offline game, so you don’t need an internet connection to play it and can be played anywhere.

6 Best Android Games for Ngabuburit

This time Babang will share 6 game recommendations for the best Android smartphones with the Ramadan theme to accompany you to hang out or wait for iftar time.

Here are some collections of games that you should try

1. SahuRak?

Sahurak free download

This game is a very simple and easy to play game, where you have to wake people up for sahur. Exactly the same as when Indonesians wake other people up for sahur. Later you will play with a mobile that has a drum on it, your job is only to wake people up for sahur, guaranteed fun!
[Download SahuRak di Play Store]

2. Fight Satan

devil fight android free download

In this game you will fight demons in the month of Ramadan, this game is quite simple and easy to play. You only need to press the drum as the navigation of your character.
[Download Lawan Setan di Play Store]

3. Ramadan Cake Shop

free ramadan cake shop game

In this game you will play as a seller in a cake shop, this game is quite simple, that is, you have to make cakes ordered by customers.
[Download Toko Kue Ramadhan di Play Store]

4. Guess the Picture Ngabuburit

Guess the picture ngabuburit

As the title suggests, this game is a guessing game. However, unlike other guessing games, this game takes the theme of Ramadan as a display in the game. You only need to guess the picture provided by this game, it’s guaranteed to be fun until you don’t feel like waiting for breaking time.
[Download Tebak Gambar Ngabuburit di Play Store]

5. Kolak Express Ramadan

free ramadan express compote

In this game you play the game as a takjil menu seller. There will be many takjil buyers who come and you have to give according to what the buyer wants. There are also two versions of the Ramadan Express Kolak game, the first version and the second version.
[Download Kolak Express Ramadhan di Play Store]
[Download Kolak Express Ramadhan 2 di Play Store]

6. Indonesian Food Stall 2021

Indonesian food stall 2019 download

This game is almost the same as the game above, but in this game you play as a food seller, and you have to give what the buyer asks for such as rice and side dishes.
[Download Warung Makan Indonesia 2019]

The final word
So those are the 6 best android games that can accompany you to hang out, so you don’t feel bored while waiting for iftar time. Good luck!