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6 Best Android Game Cheat Apps Without Root

Do you like playing games? If so, then you are familiar with the term cheat. Cheats as a last resort if you want to finish a difficult game and you want to finish it quickly.

6 Best Android Game Cheat Apps Without Root

Actually all games can be modified, as long as you have the tools or applications to edit the values ​​in the game.

At this time Babang will provide the best cheat application for Android smartphones, and for sure without root

Here is the application

1. Freedom Apk

Best Android Game Cheat Apps Without Safe Root

This application allows you to buy diamonds for free without having to root Android. The way this app works is that it mimics in-game purchases without having to authenticate the server. So you can buy game items for free for both offline and online games.
[Download Freedom APK]

2. Lucky Patcher

Best Android Game Cheat Apps No Root Free

This cheat application is very popular and is often used in Android games and applications without having to root. The working system of the application is basically patching Android games or applications, just like cracking.
This means that if the application is trial or paid, then if you use Lucky Patcher it will become the full version. But unfortunately this application does not work in all Android applications and games, only a few have managed to use this one cheat application.
[Download Lucky Patcher]

3. Hackerbot Apk

Best Android Game Cheat Apps Without Root Work

This application is not actually a cheat without root, but the Hackerbot application is a collection of several game mods and applications from trusted sites.
You don’t need to worry, because all application mods and those in this application are running well. Hackerbots can also find game mods and apps that are free of ads, viruses and malware.
[Download Hackerbot]

4. Creehack

The Best Android Game Cheat Applications Without Root

Creehack is a cheat app that lets you get paid items for free. This application is very simple, easy to understand and easy to use.
This app does not require root access to use it. However, Creehack does not run well in online games, but in offline games, this application runs smoothly.
[Download Creehack]

5. XMod

If you’ve ever played COC or Clash of Clans, then you’re no stranger to the XMod application. By using this application, you can auto-loot, create auto-troops and more.
This application can also be used in the game Minecraft PE, Criminal Case, 8 Ball Pool, Subway Surfer and other games.
[Download XMod]

6. MacroDroid

The Best Android Game Cheat Applications Without Root

MacroDroid includes cheats that are safe to use and free from being banned. In addition, this application can also be used to create bots that are effective for farming in online games. You can use the MacroDroid application without the need to root your Android device.
[Download MacroDroid]

So that’s the 6 best android cheat applications without root, by using the above application, you can cheat your favorite game easily. Which do you think is the best cheat application from the 6 lists above? Write in the comments

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