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5 Easy Chicken Dinner Tricks in PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode – After the update on February 19, 2021, PUBG Mobile again presents a new mode, namely Zombie Mode.

In the Zombie Mode game, you can play together with 3 of your friends to fight zombies and other players. In this update, new clothes and skins are also presented that you can use.

Although zombie mode, but this mode is quite difficult because you have to deal with a lot of zombies and other players.

But don’t worry, Babang will share a trick to get Chicken Dinner at PUBG Mobile, check out the following tricks!

Easy Chicken Dinner Mode Zombie Tricks on PUBG Mobile
The trick that Babang will give is step by step so you can get Chicken Dinner. However, this trick also depends on how you play to win.
In zombie mode you will pass two nights, as well as a safe zone that will continue to shrink and fight with other players.

1. Use the Car at Night.

The first trick you have to do is use the car at night in zombie mode. This trick is very effective for hitting zombies without fear of being attacked.

But before that, you have to have plenty of gas available just in case the car you’re riding runs out of gas.

2. Swim in the water when attacked by zombies.

To avoid zombie attacks, this method is also quite effective if your HP is low, or when you run out of bullets. But you have to keep moving because there are zombies that can throw green liquid that can do damage.
After that you have to pull over to a place where there are few zombies, then if you have a little HP, use a medkit to recover your HP, or if you run out of bullets then you have to fight zombies to get a lot of loot.

3. Use Shotgun Senjata

Most PUBG Mobile players rarely use Shotguns because this weapon is specifically for melee weapons and has few bullets.
However, in this zombie mode the Shotgun is very useful because of its large damage to make it easier to fight zombies at close range. This weapon is perfect for fighting zombies with one shot.
Moreover, it is used against large zombies, this weapon is very easy to fight. Except for zombies that carry shields it might be a bit difficult huh

4. Defeat Tyrant to get good loot

Maybe you already know that the replacement for loot drops (air drops) is Tyrant or Mr. X

By defeating this Tyrant later you will get good items you know

To fight the Tyrant, you have to fight it with your teammates. Especially if you already have Flamethrower and M134 weapons, defeating Tyrant is very easy.

You also never try to hit a Tyrant with a car, because it’s not the Tyrant that dies but you who will be damaged.

5. By Landing at the RPD Building

The last trick is to land on the RPD Building. Later there you will be faced with a special enemy, namely G (Stage 1) who will give you a special weapon, namely M134.

In the RPD Building there are also lots of good loot items. However, you also have to be careful because there may be many other players who drop at this location.

The location of the RPD Building is very easy to find, but it also changes places frequently. You can find RPD Buildings around the Rozhok, Pochinki and Maison city maps. For more details, you can see in the image above.

The final word

Well, that’s how step by step it is to easily get Chicken Dinner, at least you can make the top 10.

Maybe you have other tricks besides the method above, please write in the comments, okay?

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