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4 Ways to Update Windows 10 to Maintain and Safe Performance

How to Update Windows 10

Microsoft is the largest computer and laptop operating system company, ahead of Linux OS. Windows 10 is the latest version of the previous windows (Windows 7 and Windows 8).

Windows 10 itself has updated several times to fix errors/bugs and improve security stability.
Many Windows 10 users, whether it’s Windows 10 version 1903, 1909, or version 2004, feel they can’t update windows. Though how to update the operating system is very easy.
But it will be difficult when you use pirated Windows 10. Windows 10 updates are carried out on the basis of detecting pirated OS users who later when users perform OS updates will turn into a free operating system with minimalistic features.
For users who used the default license when they first bought a PC/Laptop device, you can use the following Windows 10 update method.

How to Update Windows 10 Easily

Even if you don’t have experience in performing Windows OS updates, especially the latest versions. Here we provide a method that you can use to help the Windows 10 update process.

1. Update Windows 10 Via Update Assistant

Windows 10 Update Assistant is the most common and easy way. Windows 10 has an update assistant feature where this feature can be used to update the operating system automatically.

The conditions for updating Windows using this update system are having internet access and an adequate internet quota limit.
Because the size of the latest version of the Windows 10 OS is very large, around 2GB to 4GB. For the update steps, please follow the following methods:
  1. Look for links on trusted sites to download windows 10 update files
  2. Make a copy of important data so that during the update process you don’t lose data (worst possibility)
  3. Immediately do the installation via the previous download file
  4. After the application is installed, proceed to the Windows 10 OS update
  5. Then open the Update Assistant app
  6. Click the Update Now button
  7. After that, the Windows update download process will start immediately
  8. Now windows will check your device
  9. After that you can press the Next button
  10. You just have to wait for the download process to finish

At the final stage of the update, the windows system will restart (not automatically, there must be approval from the user). This is the last step to be able to use the latest version of Windows.

2. Update Windows 10 Via Windows Update Features

Reported from Teknohow, Windows has set up an update feature named “Windows Update”. This can make it easier for users to carry out regular updates because the OS is embedded in the default PC/Laptop.

In this second method, you don’t need the help of third-party software to update Windows 10 (it’s easier and you don’t need to download software anymore).

But unfortunately, this method has to wait for update notifications. long? Don’t worry, there is another way to check whether there is an update or not with the following method:

  1. Run the Settings menu
  2. Click the Check For Update menu
  3. If there is an update, please click Update
  4. Wait until it’s finished
  5. If the download process is complete, you need to restart the computer
  6. After that the system will update automatically (you don’t need to do anything)

Right now you just need to wait, it usually takes a relatively long time because the system updates to the latest version.

3. Update Windows 10 Via Media Creation Tool

MCT or Media Creation Tool is a feature that can help you update Windows 10 to the latest version. How to update Windows 10 using MCT is classified as an easy method, but you need to pay attention to the following conditions:

  • Have a minimum storage space of 5 GB or more
  • Download Windows 10 MCT on
  • Need a super fast internet network
  • Do backup important files
After the preparation is complete, now you follow the steps below to complete:
  1. Run the Media Creation Tool file
  2. Select the Upgrade This PC Now menu
  3. Then select the Next button below
  4. After that, the Windows 10 update process runs by starting the process of downloading the installation files needed by Windows
  5. When the download process is complete, a message will appear that says License Terms
  6. Click the Accept button
  7. Here MCT will check if your device has Windows 10 update or not
  8. If available, then MCT will process the download of the update file from Windows 10
  9. Later you will see a message Ready To Install, click Install
  10. Then select Keep Personal Files and Apps (aims not to lose files and data on your PC/laptop)
  11. In addition, you can also specify which files/data you want to delete by using the Change what to keep option
  12. After that click the Install button
  13. Wait until the update process is complete
  14. When finished, restart the computer

When you enter the home screen, you have successfully updated Windows 10 smoothly, and now enjoy the features in it.

4. Update Windows 10 Via Offline

Microsoft itself has an official website that provides legal update files called the Microsoft Update Catalog.

With this official site, you can update the latest Windows 10 offline and do it by manual installer. Here’s how to manually update Windows 10:

  1. Open a web browser
  2. Visit the site
  3. Look for the latest version of Windows
  4. Specify System Type, use 64 Bit or 32 Bit
  5. Then click the Download option
  6. Then click the MSU or CAB file to start the download process

This is something you need to pay attention to. If your file is in MSU format, then the installation process is simply Double Click. While the file is in CAB format, you need to use CMD to be able to install the update file.

If you have difficulty updating Windows 10, you can choose the four methods above, each of which has a level of difficulty. Choose the easiest way so that you can have the latest version of Windows 10.

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