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4 Best Apps to Pay Motorcycle Credit Bills Online – Have a motorbike loan installment but you are lazy to queue at the bank? Or is it almost due but are busy with work?
So the solution is to pay motorcycle credit bills online.
You simply download the application on the Playstore or App Store then Top Up to pay your motorcycle credit bill.

In this article, Babang will recommend the 4 best applications for paying motorcycle credit bills.

1. Access Adira Finance

The first application is Access Adira Finance. This application is the official application for you Adira Finance customers.
With this application you can pay motorcycle credit bills easily. In addition, you can find out details of consumer financing, information on the nearest Adira Finance Office, simulation of financing calculations for those of you who want a new motorcycle loan and Adira Finance Contact Care services.


The next application is PAYFAZZ. This application makes it possible to pay motorcycle credit bills online easily. This application is specifically used for multi-finance payments, one of which is paying for motorbike loans.

Several leasing parties that collaborate with PAYFAZZ include FIF Finance, Busan Auto Finance (BAF), Mega Auto Finance (MAF), Columbia Finance, Mega Central Finance (MCF), WOM Finance, and FINANCIA / Kredit Plus Finance.

In addition to paying for motorbike loans, you can also pay electricity bills and make online loans, you know.

3. Tokopedia

Tokopedia, which is known as a unicorn start-up in the marketplace category, you can also use to pay motorcycle credit bills, you know.
At Tokopedia, there are more than 15 leases that can make it easier for you to pay motorcycle credit bills.
Not only paying for motorbike loans, almost all transactions can be done using this application, for example shopping online, paying for electricity, BPJS, PDAM, donations and others.
Payment methods at Tokopedia are also very flexible, you can use bank transfers, Tokopedia balances and OVO Cash balances.
In addition, Tokopedia often provides promos and discount coupons when you pay your motorbike credit bill through Tokopedia.

4. Ayopop

The last application that Babang wants to recommend is Ayopop.

The advantage of this application is that you can pay motorbike credit bills with many choices of payment methods, including AyoSaldo, Bank Transfer, Credit Card, Offline (Alfamart, Agen46, BTPN WOW) and using GoPay.
To pay a motorcycle credit bill, you simply choose the leasing place where you bought the motorbike, then enter the contact number, then you select the payment method. For now, AyoPop can only pay motorcycle credit bills at BFI leasing.

The final word
Those are the 4 applications that Babang recommends to pay your motorbike loan installments. Hopefully it can make it easier for you to pay your motorbike credit bill.

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