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3 Easy Ways to Check the Latest and Most Complete Indosat Ooredoo Quota 2021

If you are a new Indosat Ooredoo service user who is still confused about how to check your quota or want to find out another alternative how to check your quota.

Most people are still confused or don’t know how to check quota. Even though checking your quota regularly is very important to make it easier for you to control the use of the data you have.

Well, this time Babang will share an easy way to check the latest Indosat Ooredoo card quota (IM3 card)

3 Ways to Check the latest Indosat Ooredoo Card Quota 2021
Checking quota is very easy. You can do this by dialing USSD, via SMS or through the official Indosat Ooredoo application on your Android phone.

With these three methods, you can immediately find out the amount of 4G quota, streaming quota and others.

So, here’s how to check Indosat quota easily

1. Check Indosat card quota via SMS

The first way you can do is by using the SMS method. The trick is to send a message by typing the word USAGE then send to 363. Don’t worry, this SMS is free of charge.
Later you will receive a message reply containing info about the remaining quota you have.

2. Check Indosat Internet Quota via Dial USSD
Apart from SMS, you can also check your quota via Dial USSD on the Smartphone you are using.
The method is not so complicated, you can do it in a few steps. Following are the steps to check Indosat quota via Dial USSD

  • Enter the phone menu, then make a call to *363#
  • Then you select internet, telephone and SMS by entering number 2 then send / send
  • Then enter number 1 to check the quota and then send / send.
  • Enter number 1 again to check Internet quota then send/send
  • Later you will receive an SMS containing information about the remaining quota you have.

3. Via the MyIM3 App

The last way to check Indosat quota is to use the MyIM3 application. If you haven’t installed the application, please Install here.
Through this application you can check quota, check credit, check active period and others.

Some of the features that the MyIM3 application has

  • Smart saving data usage
  • Personal number information
  • paypro
  • PIN and PUK info
  • Check pulse and quota
  • Check phone, sms and internet quota bonuses
  • Buy quota
  • Gift credit or quota

The final word

Well, those are 3 easy ways to check Indosat Ooredoo quota, hopefully it can help those of you who are still confused about how to check internet packages.

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