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3 Easy Ways to Check BPJS Bills Online Without Hassle!

3 Easy Ways to Check BPJS Bills Online Without Hassle!

Are you a BPJS insurance service user? Or maybe you were asked by your family to pay BPJS bills but don’t know how? Do not worry! This time Babang will give a tutorial on how to check BPJS bills online.

There are three ways that Babang will give later. This method can also be done using a PC / Laptop or smartphone. Both Android and iOS are all able to check BPJS bills online.

Easy Ways to Check BPJS Bills
The Health Social Security Administering Body or commonly known as BPJS Health is a legal entity that is engaged in the long-term insurance of the National Health Insurance (JKN).
The government seems to have recommended for underprivileged people to have BPJS.

Every month you will be billed according to the BPJS class you choose. However, if you are still confused about how much your BPJS bill is each month, then you can simply check your BPJS bill online. Here are 3 ways to check BPJS bills online

Check BPJS Bills Through BPJS Official Website
You don’t need to worry if you don’t know how many BPJS bills you will pay, just access the official BPJS website you can find out right away. Here are the steps

  • First, open the official BPJS website later you will see a display like below
  • The second step, please enter the 13 digit BPJS Card number along with the date of birth according to what is written on the BPJS card.
  • Done, now you have successfully checked how much BPJS bill you have to pay. This method can be done on a PC / Laptop or smartphone.

Check BPJS Card Bills through the BPJS Official Application

If you are so complicated to check back and forth to the official BPJS website, you can use a simple method, namely by installing the official BPJS application. The steps are as follows

  • The first step, please download and install the Mobile JKN application. If you use Android, please download it from the Playstore, if you use iOS, please download it from the App Store.
  • The next step, please provide the data as stated on the BPJS card, make sure all the data you input is correct, then register.
  • After that, on the first page, please select the Payment menu.
  • Done, later there will be written how many BPJS bills you have to pay without entering the BPJS ID number back and forth.

Check BPJS Card Bills Through the Tokopedia Application

This last method is simpler, if you have the Tokopedia application installed on your smartphone, you don’t need to do the two methods above, guys. So, how do you check your BPJS card bill through the Tokopedia application? Here are the steps

  • The first step, make sure the Tokopedia application is installed on your smartphone, if so, please open the application, then select the Bills menu.
  • Next, you select the BPJS menu, OK?
  • After that, enter your 13-digit BPJS ID number, please enter it carefully, guys
  • Done, now you can find out how much total BPJS bill you have to pay

BPJS Contribution Fee

After you know how to check BPJS bills through the Website, Official Applications and Tokopedia. You must be wondering how much the BPJS premium costs each month.
The following is a breakdown of the BPJS premium fees

  • Class 1 costs Rp. 80,000;- /month
  • Class 2 costs Rp. 51.000;- /month
  • Class 3 costs Rp. 25,500;- /month

The final word
So that’s how to check BPJS card billing via smartphones and PC/Laptop, hopefully it can be useful for those of you who want to know the amount of BPJS bills. Don’t forget to share this article if you think it’s useful

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