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11 Secret Tricks in Microsoft Word You Should Know

The following secret tips and tricks in Microsoft Word will help you make word processing easier

tips and tricks in microsoft word
Microsoft word is one of the most frequently used programs. First released in 1983, Microsoft word is still an efficient software for word processing today. In order to be faster when operating it, there are many secret trick in Microsoft Word.
Unfortunately, most people only know shortcuts like CTRL+C and CTRL+V. In addition to these two shortcuts, it’s a good idea for you to know the following tricks for more efficient Microsoft Word operation.
You can press the shortcut SHIFT+F% to move faster to the spot or section you last edited. Great tricks in Microsoft Word this will really help you when you have a document with very many pages.
If you are lazy to use the mouse to block words, sentences and even paragraphs, you can press F8. Do this after you open your Microsoft Word document and position it on the section to be blocked:
Press F8 once: 1 word is blocked.
Press F8 2 times: 1 sentence is blocked
Press F8 3 times: 1 blocked paragraph
Press F8 4 times: the whole document will be blocked
Shift+F8: return or reverse.
Sometimes, in writing a word, it is necessary to write in all lowercase or all caps. To change lowercase to Capitalize Each Word to UPPERCASE or vice versa, you can use Shift+F3.
To do Microsoft word hacks In this case, you must first block the word to be changed. Then press Shift+F3 on the keyboard several times until the word changes as you want.
4. CTRL+Shift+> and CTRL+Shift+
Do you want the words in your document to be larger? You can press CTRL+Shift+> after you block the word/sentence/document. Meanwhile, to reduce its size, the trick is to press CTRL + Shift + < on a blocked word or sentence or paragraph.
Sometimes, you need to generate paragraphs dummy random or without meaning like lorem ipsum, for example for a web design project for testing website paragraph layouts. You don’t need to type or copy paste in your document because you can use Lorem Ipsum Generator.
This hidden feature which is the default of Microsoft Word can be done by typing =rand(p,b). This P itself represents the number of paragraphs you want to make. While ‘b’ is the number of lines per paragraph.
So, if you want to produce 2 paragraphs dummy with 5 lines per paragraph, then you can write =rand(2,5) then ‘enter’.
Usually, if you want to use a calculator, many people will use an HP calculator or the default from a computer. However, it turns out that there is a calculator in Microsoft Word that you can use for simple calculations.
Microsoft Word tips and tricks to bring up the calculator is as follows:
Open your Microsoft Word and select ‘Word Options’.
Select the ‘quick access’ toolbar and select ‘all commands’. Then look for Calculate from the table you want to display. Press OK.
Then try typing a simple calculation, for example 1500+3500+1250. Then you block the calculation and press the ‘calculate’ icon in the ‘Quick Access Toolbar’. The calculation results will appear at the bottom left of the Microsoft Windows status bar.
Sometimes, you need to move a sentence or paragraph from the internet to your document, for example an expert quote. If you move the citation directly in the document, it will have the same format as on the website.
To change it to plaintext or standard text in Microsoft Word, then you can press CTRL + Spacebar on the quote sentence that you block.
When you want to move pages, you no longer need to press ‘enter’ repeatedly. Word 2021 hack pressing CTRL+Enter will shorten the time you can write on a new page. Even this method will not affect the previous page if you make edits on that page.
It’s not only writing that needs to be copied and pasted, but also the format of the writing. If you re-create the format from scratch, especially for documents with many pages, of course it will waste time. Because of this, you can copy-paste the format with CTRL+Shift+C and CTRL+Shift+V in your new document.
10. CTRL+(+) and CTRL+Shift+(+)
Subscript or superscript is used when you write mathematical numbers or chemical formulas. For example CO2
or XY2. If you haven’t already written it, you can write the word you want then press CTRL +(+) for a subscript like CO2. If you have already, block words or letters or numbers that you want to format subscript then press CTRL + (+).
While CTRL+Shift+(+) for superscript like XY2. To return to its original form for example CO2, Microsoft windows tips and tricks 2021 which you can use is to press CTRL +(+) again. Just like the subscript, to return the superscript to its original form, you can press CTRL+Shift+(+).
In one document, you can have portrait and landscape pages. The method is as follows:
Open ‘page layout’ first.
Then select ‘page setup’ > ‘margins’ > ‘custom margins’.
Choose ‘landscape’ or ‘portrait’ as you prefer.
Click ‘apply’ and select ‘selected text’.
In addition to this method, you can also use ‘page layout’ and then select ‘section break’. This method can be used for page orientation, book numbering and thesis.
With some secret trick in Microsoft Word above, hopefully it can help you shorten your work time. Good luck!

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