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11 Part Time Jobs You Can Do at Home

Side job

During the current pandemic, part-time work is one of the most sought-after things. Part time work is work outside of the main job that is usually done to earn additional income.

There are many types of odd jobs, from odd jobs at cafes to odd jobs at home. But usually most people will choose a part-time job from home. Because it is safer and more convenient to do, especially during a pandemic like today.

For this reason, here I will summarize 11 odd jobs that you can do from home. Which may be able to help you earn additional income during this pandemic. So, read this article to the end!

11 Part-time Job Opportunities from Home

Currently, there are many work opportunities that you can do from home. That way, of course, it will increase your income. Here are 11 odd jobs from home that you can try.

1. Paper Bag Folding Work

Part time work folding paper bags is one of the odd jobs that you must try. Because it has many advantages for you.

Folding paper bags is a part-time job that is very easy to do. And does not require special skills in the process.

You only need to fold the paper bag requested by a certain company. Then when you’re done, you just need to notify the company to be rewarded.

Not only that, this job is certainly very easy and will really help you during the current pandemic. Because you can do work at home so it is definitely safer for you.

2. Box Making Job

The next job you can try is part-time work at home making boxes. Where this job is very easy to do, you can even do it wherever you want.

Usually the work system is that you will be given materials to make the box. Then you just need to make it into a box shape. Very easy isn’t it?

Not only that, because the work is very flexible. This work can also be incorporated into part-time work at home for students. So for you students who want to add pocket money. This job is for you.

3. Financial Registrar

Financial Registrars include online odd jobs that you can do at home. Where the main task of this work is to record incoming and outgoing financials, to then make a report.

Although it is a little different from the previous work, this job is not fully WFH. This is because there is a session where you have to go to the company to collect financial data for processing.

In that case you don’t have to worry too much because you won’t be doing it often. Maybe only 1 or 2 times when retrieving data that needs to be processed. Even this if needed.

4. Brochure Folding Job

Folding brochures is one of the odd jobs that you must try. Because this job is very simple and can be done at home.

You just take the brochure that has not been folded at the company. After that, all you have to do is fold it at home. If it is finished, then you return it again and receive wages from your work.

5. Plastic Separation Work

Separating plastic into a very easy side job that you can try. Why is that?

This is because you only need to separate the plastic and paper to separate them. Where the system works, namely, the company will send the goods that you have to separate at your home.

When it’s finished, the company will take it to your house. Very easy isn’t it?

6. Goods Packing Work at Home

Part time work packing goods at home is a fairly easy job to do. Where this job is perfect for those of you who usually work neatly and have the ability in this field.

This odd job is usually offered by lower-middle-class factories that do not yet have an automatic packing machine. Of course this work will greatly help the daily production of the factory.

So, this job is certainly a potential job to do. Especially if you have good packing experience. Definitely very suitable to take this job.

7. Product Labeling Job

Labeling products is one of the odd jobs that you can do at home. Which is usually given by the tea factory.

So for those of you who are in the area around the tea factory and still produce tea manually. You must try this part time job, because it is not only easy but also flexible to do.

8. Professional SEO Writing Services

Professional SEO writing services include online odd jobs that you can do at home and become jobs that have high potential. Why is that?

This is because currently writing content has become one of the most important needs in the business world and can be a long-term business. There are so many companies that need this service, especially in the midst of an all-digital world like today.

To find this job, all you have to do is register or visit a freelance site. Which is already widely spread on the internet.

9. Foreign Language Translation Services

This part time work at home is perfect for those of you who have good foreign language skills. This job is a great opportunity to make money and hone your English skills.

You don’t have to worry about job shortages for this job. Because currently there are many institutions that require freelance staff to translate documents into foreign languages.

10. Envelope Maker Job

Making envelopes is an easy job that you can do at home. Not only that, this work is also quite potential to do.

This is because to create a quality envelope product. A factory needs human labor.

Where for the process, you only need to fold and glue the paper so it can become an envelope. Then when it’s finished, you just need to contact the factory or company to get a reward. Very easy isn’t it?

11. Become a Dropshipper

Dropshipper is a suitable part-time job for students. This is because this odd job is quite easy to do.

You just need to look for popular and easy-to-sell items. Then you just offer it to your friends or closest people through social media or word of mouth.

Without having to provide stock items in advance. Which of course is very good for you students who have minimal capital.

Which Part Time Work Do You Choose?

After knowing 11 odd jobs that can be done at home. Then you can decide for yourself which part-time job.

Whatever part-time job you choose, you should do it consistently. That way, you can get the most out of your work. Hope this article helps!

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