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10 Free Money-Making Online Survey Applications 2021

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Just Type – In the current technological era where the times are increasingly advanced and technology is increasingly sophisticated, many large and well-known companies require a survey. Due to increasingly sophisticated technology, surveys can be carried out to all corners of the world using only smartphones. By utilizing online surveys, large companies can easily get an overview of the market situation and take advantage of existing opportunities. So it is natural that currently there are several websites and online survey applications that offer commissions for those who are willing to answer some questions to the general public and pay with online payments such as paypal, bank accounts, ovo, gopay, or credit.

Usually there are certain conditions and limits so that we can conduct a valid survey, such as having to be 18 years old and over or already have an ID card. This is because the company gets the results that are in accordance with their wishes. Online survey applications are a way for a company to get surveys that are right on target and get the best results. Interestingly, this online survey is very suitable for use Profitable Business For Students.
Several survey service providers have collaborated with well-known companies with the aim that these companies can find out the needs of users or consumers through online survey applications. Surveys are needed so that companies can get maximum results in accordance with their respective fields.
But keep in mind, not all online survey applications pay their members. But that’s only a handful of applications considering the heavy flow of funds from entrepreneurs. Companies operating in the fields of Finance, Health, Property, Hospitality, Construction, Transportation, Housing, Warehousing, Primary and Secondary are very happy to take advantage of the response of the general public that can be obtained quickly and instantly.

10 Online Survey Applications That Are Proven To Pay Their Members

These 10 Online Survey Applications are very easy to use and you can easily carry out survey activities anytime and anywhere. Make sure you read this article carefully so that your free time is not wasted. Apart from smartphones, this online survey can also be accessed through the websites of each of these applications.
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Ipanelonline is one of the best online survey applications that is proven to pay, because this application is trusted both at home and abroad. In addition to answering questions via the website, you can also answer survey questions via your smartphone which you can download on the Play Store. This proves that Ipanelonline also pays attention to smartphone users.
In this application, you only need about 1 minute to answer surveys in order to get 1-10 points. For surveys with a time of 2-20 minutes, you can get fairly large survey points ranging from 50-200 points.
In order to earn money, you must collect the survey points and convert the points into money through a bank account or paypal account. You can exchange survey points with the following details:
  • 200 points can be exchanged for Rp. 20,000
  • 500 points can be exchanged for Rp. 50,000
  • 1000 points can be exchanged for Rp. 100,000

online survey application
The MOBROG Survey App application has been widely used by smartphone users with a range of 1 million downloads on the play store. This application is very simple and easy to use because it can be accessed through the application or through the official website.
In order to use this application you must register via a friend’s invitation. For income you will be paid in dollars with the smallest range being $0.25 with a duration of two and a half minutes. As for the biggest payout is $ 3.5 with a duration of about 40 minutes. So you better not have to take this survey if you are impatient in completing the survey from this application.
free online survey app
The next online survey application is YouGov which has been widely used by survey users. YouGov is an application/website that conducts international-based market research activities. You are free to conduct surveys anytime and anywhere, be it at school or at the office because this application is very simple and easy to use.
To be able to join YouGov, you can register directly on the official YouGov website or register via the YouGov application which you can download on the Playstore. In order to get paid, you have to collect survey points of at least 5000 points in the amount of $25 and then you can withdraw it to your paypal account.
4.GMT (Global Test Marketing)
health survey app
Global Test Marketing is an online survey application that can help improve the products and services of large companies. The GMT mobile application is an easy and simple application to carry out surveys. You can easily do surveys anytime and anywhere using a laptop or smartphone.
This Global Test Marketing application is perfect for filling your spare time while collecting survey points. To redeem points, you have to collect points up to the redemption limit and you can exchange the points to my paypal account with a minimum exchange of $ 10.
You can visit the official website at to register and immediately do the survey. So for those of you who want additional income, this application is worth trying.
survey app earn money
Jakpat is a survey application whose surveys must be checked periodically. The registration process for this survey application is also quite easy because we can login using a Facebook account. By doing a survey from Jackpat, we will be rewarded in the form of points after completing the survey.
Every point we get after completing the survey can be exchanged for credit, gadgets, gadget accessories, shopping vouchers, movie tickets, and donations for those in need. The types of surveys available are also very diverse. To be able to exchange points you must collect at least 200 points. If you are interested in using the Jackpat application, you can directly download it on the Playstore.
android paid survey app
The panel station application is an online survey application that provides various types of surveys, such as surveys for daily necessities, health, technology, vehicles, finance, tourism, and so on. The application is one of the best survey applications because it has been used by more than 1.5 million members in various parts of the world.
You can easily do the survey because it can be done wherever you are, be it at school, on campus, in the office, or at home. Just like other applications, you have to collect points after filling out surveys. You can convert these points into money, vouchers, online coupons, and products according to your wishes. To use this application you can access the official website or download this application on the playstore.
free online survey application
Viewfruit online survey application is a market analysis application that provides online surveys in Indonesian. This application is responsive enough to use so you can carry out survey activities in a simple and practical way. This online survey application is very legit and dares to pay its members high.
You must first download this application in the play store in order to use it. Apart from the application, you can also access the official website at To make a payment, you have to collect a minimum of 1500 points or about $3 and then you can withdraw it to your paypal account. To exchange using a paypal account account usually takes 3-7 days.
fastest money making survey app
The Nusaresearch application is an online survey community that utilizes mobile application technology. Currently the nusaresearch application has been downloaded more than 100 thousand downloads on the play store. Conducting survey activities in this application is quite easy
because you immediately do surveys directly in your hand and you will get a commission from every survey that you have done.
In order for you to get paid, you have to collect points from the survey results for you to exchange. You can exchange these points for credit, line gift code, e-wallet, paypal, and gopay. With the nusaresearch mobile application, you can easily and practically fill out surveys wherever and whenever you are.
To use this application, you must register on the nusaresearch site or application and you must have an ID card. One of the advantages of this application is the existence of a support center where you will be served by the Nusaresearch admin if something goes wrong.
rupiah money-making survey application
The online survey application surveyon is one of the survey applications that is easy and simple to use. You can register and fill out surveys through the official website or from the surveyon application which you can download on the Playstore.
Surveyon is also a survey application that dares to give its members a fairly large commission of points. To redeem the points can be exchanged to your paypal account account. Besides being able to be disbursed to paypal, you can also exchange points for credit with a minimum draw of 11 thousand pounds for 10 thousand credits. This application is worth trying because the commission points are quite large and the application is easy to use.
money making survey application on android
Opinion World is an online survey site where the survey process can be done simply and easily. For registration, you can directly access the official website of opinion world. Although it is not yet available in the form of an Android application, you can use an Android browser to access the site.
Opinion world Indonesia provides rewards in the form of points to members who have completed surveys. To exchange the points, you can exchange them to your paypal account after you have collected points according to the redemption limit. Although there are some people who say this opinion world is a scam, there are still many members who are still receiving payments.

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