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10 Best Selfie Camera Apps 2021 | The result is great!

Selfie nowadays is a natural thing and is often done by almost everyone when they are in important moments.

10 Best Selfie Camera Apps 2019 |  The result is great!

The development of technology also affects the emergence of good cameras with high resolution. However, sometimes there are people who are not satisfied with the results of their photos. Therefore Babang will share the 10 best Selfie Camera Applications for your cellphone.

10 Best Selfie Camera Apps 2021

All the applications that Babang wants to share are the best applications for selfie photos so that your shots will look more perfect.

Here are some of the best selfie camera apps, including:

1. AirBrush


The first application is AirBrush.
By using this application, you can produce good selfie photos.

You don’t need to be afraid that the selfies you take look ridiculous, because you can adjust the effect to your liking.

This application also features acne removal, teeth whitening, facial skin care, skin whitening and other features.

If you want to try directly download AirBrush Play Store.

2. Fabby


The next best selfie camera app is Fabby.
With this application you can not only change selfie photos, but you can also edit videos according to your wishes.

This application also has many options background to make your photos look more perfect.

With the Fabby application you can also color your hair according to your favorite color with the features hair coloring & make up so that your selfie photos will look more attractive. There are also features digital beautification which can beautify your photos automatically.

In addition, you can add a blur effect to your photos if the camera on your cellphone is normal.
Just download Fabby on the Play Store.

3. BestMe Selfie Camera

bestme selfie camera

The next best selfie camera app is BestMe Selfie Camera.
The advantage of this application is that it has hundreds of unique filters that you can choose according to your wishes.

In order to get good shots, it’s better if you use a tongsis, guys
If interested, just download BestMe Selfie Camera on Play Store

4. Camera 360

camera 360

Who does not know the selfie camera application that was booming, namely Camera 360.

This application provides many features, including many filter options that you can choose according to your wishes, so that your cellphone shots will look perfect.

If you want to try the application, please download Camera 360 on the Play Store

5. Instagram


In addition to being a social media, Instagram can also be used as the best selfie camera.

The number of filters provided can make it easier for you to beautify your photos, besides that there are many other features that continue to grow with every update.

Just take a selfie and then choose the filter you want, then your photo looks perfect right away.
If you haven’t installed it yet, you can download Instagram on the Play Store.

6. Camera FV-5

camera fv-5

If on the iPhone there is a Manual application, then Camera FV-5 can be called the Manual of an Android cellphone.

By using this application, you can get good photo shots. Many choices of features such as white balance, exposure, ISO and other features that you can adjust like a professional photographer.

Another feature that is quite interesting is that you can choose 10 compositions grid and 9 crop guides on viewfinders.

You can save your photos in RAW file format and can be opened with the EXIF ​​viewer application.

Let’s try Camera FV-5 Lite right away on the Play Store

7. Manual


The next application is for iPhone users, namely Manual.
With this application, you will be more flexible in managing various camera features, such as ISO, shutter speed, focus, exposure and white balance.

You can access various features of this application, even if you are taking a photo. You can also set the application theme with a black or white appearance.

In addition, the Manual application is also equipped with an EXIF ​​viewer and ruler so that you get grid perfect for your liking.
If interested, just download the Manual on the App Store

8. Focus


A well-known feature of the Focus app is Focus Peaking. With this feature you can focus on one object like a DSLR camera.

Another feature that is no less interesting is that it is like a pro camera in general, namely there are features exposure, shutter speed, and live light meter which can help you in shooting photos.
You can also control this app using Apple Watch

Immediately try the application for the IPhone Focus on the App Store.

9. Camera+


The next application, namely Camera+. This application is still the best and most popular choice for iPhone users.

By using this application, you can get features that are not in the iPhone’s default camera feature. Such as exposure control features, HDR mode, instant focus and various interesting filter options, so that your photo shots will look perfect.

If you’re curious, you can directly download Camera+ on the App Store.

10. ProShot


The last application is ProShot. In addition to having a simple and easy-to-understand interface, this application is also equipped with various features like a professional photographer.

Its features include custom aspect ratios, grid overlay, so that it can produce photo shots with the RAW file format.

Just like other camera applications, ProShot is equipped with an EXIF ​​viewer that functions to open photo files in RAW format. You can also choose the night mode or action mode feature.
If you want to try this application, please download ProShot on the App Store

The final word
So that’s the 10 best apps for selfie cameras, everyone has different tastes in choosing selfie camera apps.

Of these 10 applications, which one is your favorite? Hopefully this article can be a reference for you in choosing a selfie camera application, good luck!

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