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Xayne Supply Free Fire Token, here's the info and how to get it -

Xayne Supply Free Fire tokens

Xayne Supply Free Fire tokens – The free fire x McLaren event will enter its peak day tomorrow. By logging in and playing on the peak day, survivors can get various attractive free gifts. So don’t miss the ff x McLaren peak day event.

This time, welcoming Indonesia’s birthday in August, free fire will certainly issue a special event. The event is titled the newest independent Jota 2021. At the event, there is a special token that must be collected, namely Xayne Supply. For that, we will discuss how to get Xayne Supply Free Fire tokens the.

Xayne Supply Free Fire tokens

The xayne supply token is a special item needed to complete missions in the latest FF Jota Merdeka. In ff games, they often issue several types of special tokens at events or quests. The player’s task is to collect tokens with a predetermined amount to be exchanged for prizes at related events or missions. Tokens can be earned by doing spins or by completing a certain number of missions. Depending on the applicable provisions of Garena ff.

Now, for the new Jota Merdeka event which starts on July 30, 2021, survivors need to find the xayne supply token. In addition to these tokens, there are also Andrew Supply pack tokens to look for. The two tokens are important items in completing missions at the free Jota event. At the event, of course, a special gift has been provided which is a shame if the survivors miss it.

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How to Get Xayne Supply FF Token

After knowing about the xyane supply token and its functions, read the paragraph above. The following will also explain how to get these special tokens. Finding xayne supply tokens was not too difficult. The method can be seen in the instructions below.

  1. Login in the free fire game, then open the main page of the Jota merdeka event in the event menu.
  2. Then look for the exchange store option in the bottom menu. By opening this option, survivors will get xayne supply tokens.
  3. So during the event, every day you have to log in and then open the exchange store option, then just claim it as usual.
  4. In addition to completing the daily login mission, there are also other ways that can be done. Namely by playing or making matches.
  5. After completing the match, players will get a number of xayne supply tokens. For advice, it is better to play in classic or battle royal mode, which has been proven to allow participants to get xayne supply tokens faster.

Easy is not the way to get those special tokens. How to get the second token, namely the Andrew supply pack, will be discussed in the next article. The Jota Merdeka event period is from July 30 to August 8, 2021. The main prizes that can be won from this event are evolution stone, lunar new year 2021 bundle for top, bottom, and shoes, and YoMost parachute. 10 xayne supply tokens can be exchanged for a super cool new YoMost parachute skin.

That was the explanation about Xayne Supply Free Fire tokens complete with how to get it. Thus the information that can be discussed this time, see you in the next interesting article. Immediately use the method above to get xayne supply tokens and attractive prizes.

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