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Winner Pass 26 Pubg Mobile Lite, Here's the Leaked Info -

Winner Pass 26 Pubg

Winner Pass 26 Pubg Mobile Lite – Pubg mobile has updated the latest patch on July 9, 2021. This new patch carries a very different theme from the previous one. This brings a breath of fresh air to the game. The new atmosphere and concept make the players more excited to play.

About pubg mobile, Tencent also launched a lite version. Pubg mobile lite is a lighter version. Well, this time we will discuss about Winner Pass 26 Pubg Mobile Lite. Several leaks about the latest winner pass have been circulating. What are the details like? Find it in this article review.

Latest Winner Pass 26 Pubg Mobile Lite Leaks

Pubg mobile is a famous battle royal game with quality and realistic graphics. This makes the game size large, so it requires a device with high specifications. However, pubg mobile also released a lite version so that it can be played more lightly by fans. Between pubg mobile and lite version has some differences. One of them is related to the royal pass and winner pass systems. In the latest pubg mobile patch, the royal pass system has undergone several changes.

As for the winner pass on pubg mobile lite, it remains the same, which is active per month. For the theme presented, both the royal pass and the winner pass, it always changes in every season. Currently the pubg mobile lite winner pass has entered season 26. The upcoming pubg mobile new winner pass will use an animal theme. Of course this will make the game different and more interesting than before.

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Winner Pass 26 Pubg Mobile Lite version Animal Themed

In winner pass 25 on pubg mobile lite, the theme is girly. The theme on the winner pass will affect the appearance of the prizes presented. In the previous winner pass, the prizes provided were various beautiful and girly outfits. About the animal-themed winner pass this time, it’s definitely cooler than the previous one. Here are some interesting facts about the new winner pass.

  • Winner pass 26 this time has an animal theme, so it will provide a number of exclusive outfit sets with the same theme. Not only skin outfits, but weapon skins with other items can also be obtained by subscribing to the PUBG Mobile Elite Winner Pass.
  • Judging from the pubg mobile lite account update, a short video shows some animal outfits, namely bears and leopards. So it is certain that two new animal-themed outfit sets have been confirmed.
  • The appearance itself, of course, is typical of animals. The leopard is yellow and has black spots, the neck uses a red slayer cloth, and an eye patch. For a bear, it is brown, complete with a head and a small white bow tie. The bear outfit looks cute and cute.
  • There is also a new item, a boat which is also animal-themed. In addition, there are also new animal-themed weapon skins. In the short video, you can see a yellow leopard-style weapon skin and a black weapon skin.

How interesting is not it? If you want to get Winner Pass 26 Pubg Mobile Lite new animal themed. You have to buy it, and need to upgrade every month. Having a winner pass allows players to get a number of cool and interesting exclusive items.

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