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When Moonton Releases Vanguard Coin Event, Here's the Info

When will Moonton Release Event Vanguard Coin

When Moonton Releases Vanguard Coin Event – ​​There are many interesting events held by moonton in the mobile legends game. As currently being discussed, namely the Vanguard Coin event. This is an event that gives players a lot of advantages. Lots of players are looking forward to the arrival of the event. It’s just that for now, the event is only available on the ml advance server.

Vanguard coin mobile legends first appeared on the advance server in November 2021. Well, recently there has been news that the event will be released on the main server. For that, here is more info about When Moonton Releases Vanguard Coin Event.

  • Event Vanguard Coin Mobile Legends

Vanguard coin mobile legends is a new event that has never been officially released on the main server. So it’s just released on the advance server ml only. So to try to play this interesting event, you must have access to play on the advance server. Regarding the event, participants must complete a number of missions to win various prizes. What players are looking for is the main prize, which is in the form of free diamonds

For the type of mission that must be completed at the event, it’s pretty standard. Like doing daily logins, playing together, doing battles, or sharing events. Then there is also a special mission where players have to buy the latest mobile legends hero, Yve. Then match 5x in ranked mode, after that the player will get vanguard coins. Vanguard coins which can later be exchanged for prizes.

  • When will Moonton Release Event Vanguard Coin

Currently, mobile legends fans are busy finding out when Moonton will officially release the Vanguard Coin event on the original server. From the latest information and news, he said the vanguard coin event will be present on the original server in February 2021. For the certainty of the date, there is still no further information. Some fans suspect that the date might fall on February 12, 2021. But this is just a rough estimate from fans, so it’s not certain. For more definite news, it is better to wait for confirmation from Mooton directly. So for now still have to wait.

  • How to Join the Vanguard Coin Mobile Legends Event

To participate in the Vanguard Coin Mobile Legends event, the method is quite easy. That is by visiting the event menu in the mobile legends game, then looking for Vanguard coin, after that complete each mission given to get cool prizes. You can immediately try this event by playing on the mobile legends advance server. Because for the main server, it is still not available.

If you want to play the vanguard coin event on the main server, you still have to be patient to wait. Moonton party will most likely soon release the event globally on the main server. This estimate is obtained from various news and leaked info that has been circulating in the local mobile legends fan community in the country. The point is, let’s just wait for the official confirmation from Moonton regarding the event.

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That was interesting info about When Moonton Released the Mobile Legends Vanguard Coin Event. From the description above, of course you already know that the vanguard coin event will not take place. Well, that’s the information that can be discussed this time. Don’t miss other mobile legends game info updates.

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