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What is a Zipline on Free Fire, here's the info

What is a Zipline in Free Fire

What is a Zipline in Free Fire – Free Fire is getting more and more interesting to play with the presence of various new updates from Garena. It’s no wonder that there are more and more active gamers in this one game. Cool features are also often added to make the game more challenging. Previously, a new map has also been added to give players more choices when playing.

Recently, the local survivor community has been busy talking about one of the interesting features of free fire. The feature is the zipline. So, what exactly is a Zipline in Free Fire? Want to know the complete information? Please check the discussion of the article below.

  • What is a Zipline in Free Fire

After releasing a new map last year, Garena also added new vehicle items and new features. The new feature is the zipline. In each map, a number of ziplines have been added to make it easier for players to move places. Zipline itself is a feature that functions to move players from one location to another faster. Of course, this feature is very profitable, so it becomes the target of many survivors.

This makes the Zipline location always filled with many players who fight each other to get it. Therefore, it is not easy to get this feature. But don’t worry, in the next point, we will discuss an easy way to ride a zipline safely.

  • How To Ride FF Zipline Safely

As mentioned in the previous point that to be able to ride a zipline is not easy. Well, here’s how to get on the free fire zipline safely,

  1. First check the map first. Go to the ama location then check the map. Check if there is a battle going on. If so, then you can wait until the battle is over, or you can also participate in the war. The important thing is not to be caught by the enemy if you choose to hide. So as not to be shot by the enemy. Also check the surrounding area, both before using the zipline and after using the zipline.
  2. Next check the zipline, making sure that there is no landmine installed nearby. If you find a landmine, then destroy it first. That way it will be safer to use a zipline.
  3. Get off the zipline quickly. After using the zipline, don’t wait until the end to descend. Anyway, after you’re done using this feature, get down quickly. And don’t forget to immediately run away and hide after successfully descending.
  • Benefits of Using Zipline FF

At the point above, we have discussed how to use the ff zipline. Furthermore, some interesting information will be given about the benefits of using this one feature. By using a zipline, players can move places more quickly. This is very advantageous when you want to avoid a battle or when you are chasing an enemy. Not only that, this feature also makes it easier for players to be able to go up and down practically.

Another benefit is that it can make it easier to see the conditions around you. This benefit is well suited for monitoring. This feature is also useful for baiting enemies. Before fishing the enemy should set some landmines for traps. But be careful not to get caught in your own trap.

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That’s interesting information about What is a Zipline on Free Fire. How, interesting is not this zipline feature? There are many other cool features and items in the free fire game. We’ll cover other new features later, so don’t miss the next article.

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