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What is Battle Spell Mobile Legends, this is interesting info

What is Battle Spell Mobile Legends

What is Battle Spell Mobile Legends – In playing mobile legends, to bring out the best abilities of the hero used. Players must set the build item properly. In addition to build items, emblem sets, and battle spells also need to be considered. These three things will affect the course of the fight, whether you can win or lose.

Then what is Battle Spell Mobile Legends? Battle spell is an additional skill in the mobile legends game. By using the right battle spell, the hero can become stronger and easier to win the battle. Well, to find out more about battle spells, see the interesting description below.

Interesting Info What is Battle Spell Mobile Legends

In the opening paragraph, it has been explained briefly about battle spells in the mobile legends game. The battle spells are divided into several types with different functions. The following is interesting information about the types of battle spell mobile legends complete with their functions. In total there are 12 kinds of battle spells,

  1. Retribution – Can kill monsters faster thanks to its huge effect. Not only for ordinary monster levels, this battle spell is also effective for turtle class monsters to lords. In addition, it is very useful for farming and is already open from level 1.
  2. Execute – Can add attack damage points to enemies. It will be more effective if used at close range to the enemy. Just like Retribution, this battle spell is also unlocked starting at level 1. Additional damage is given, depending on the hero used.
  3. Revitalize – Has a healing function like a fountain in the game Dota 2. Can provide additional HP Regen for users and teammates in a short time. As well as increasing the Shield value up to 40%.
  4. Inspire – Can increase damage to enemies, thanks to the addition of attack points. Suitable for use by heroes who need high attack speed. In a short time can maximize burst damage. Inspire only unlocks at level 5.
  5. Sprint – Can increase the hero’s movement speed instantly, so cock can run away or chase enemies. The effect of this spell only lasts 7 seconds so it’s best to use it at the right time.
  6. Purify – Can provide additional movement speed and remove negative skill effects from enemies. Suitable for use when running away or chasing enemies. And can be used without pause, resulting in continuous attacks.
  7. Aegis – Can absorb damage taken from enemies up to 720 to 140 within 3 seconds. This spell will also absorb the damage of dying teammates up to 50%.
  8. Flicker – Serves to teleport, making the hero can jump anywhere quickly. In addition, it can also be activated to penetrate walls. Suitable for chasing enemies as well as for escaping.
  9. Stun – serves to block enemy attacks until they don’t move. In addition, it also gives the effect of magic damage to the enemy. The effect takes effect in 0.7 seconds. Suitable for fighter heroes and tanks.
  10. Arrival – Serves to teleport and make the team’s minion target invisible in 1 set. The use of this spell is quite difficult, because it must be directed at the team’s minion target correctly. Very useful for high-level and competitive battles.
  11. Flameshot – Can fire missiles and deal magic damage up to 250 to 350 with total magic power +100% – 150%. Is a new spell replacement for Scout. Damage will be greater if the distance of the shot is getting further away.
  12. Vengeance – Can deal magic damage to enemies who surrender to the user. New spell with Blade armor-like effect. Including scary spells.

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That was the info. What is Battle Spell Mobile Legends, complete with their respective types and functions. Hopefully the information above can be useful when playing ml. That’s all the info this time, and thank you.

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