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War Ax Mobile Legends, New Features For Fighters -

War Ax Mobile Legends

War Ax Mobile Legends – Moonton has just updated the project phase 2 for the mobile legends game. In this update, many changes have been added, especially in terms of new items and features. The existence of these new items will certainly provide gameplay changes in the game. This makes the game even more challenging.

About the list of new features that have been added to the mobile legends game, one of the interesting ones is the war axe. This is a feature that was made especially for fighters. For those of you who want to know more about the new features War Ax Mobile Legends. Check out this interesting review article.

Getting to Know the New Features of War Ax Mobile Legends

In this new update, Moonton adds three new feature lists. War ax is a feature that is special for fighters. The appearance of this feature is a red ax icon, similar to the appearance of the weapon used by the hero Aulus. Specifically, this feature is able to provide additional HP up to +550, then additional physical attack up to +55, and cooldown reduction up to +10%. In addition, it also has a unique passive called berserk.

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This feature can actually also be used by heroes other than fighters such as mages, marksman, and support. However, the effect obtained cannot be full, aka only half of it. However, if used by fighter class heroes, assassins, and tanks, it will get the full effect. That’s why this weapon is more recommended for fighter users. To find out more about what the effects of this feature are, see the continuation of this article.

Interesting Facts about ML’s Latest War Ax Features

Many are interested in using the new Ax war feature to increase the resulting attack ability. Especially for fighter hero users. In this regard, before using this feature, you should know some interesting facts about the ax war feature. Info about the interesting facts have been summarized in the points below.

  • The war ax feature has a unique passive berserk capable of providing up to 8 physical attacks, as well as physical penetration of up to 4 points for 3 seconds when entering battle mode and successfully dealing damage to enemies. This effect is equipped with a stack up to 8 times. When the stack is full, the hero will get a 20% increase in movement speed.
  • All the effects of the unique passive above can be obtained in full by tank, fighter, and assassin heroes. Meanwhile, if used by other heroes such as mage, support, and marksman, it will only get half the stack effect.
  • From the list of heroes in the ml game, there are five lists of heroes that will become even more opaque if you use the new war ax feature. Who are these heroes? Namely there are Freya, Alpha, Martis, X Borg, and Yu Zong. So those of you who use the list of heroes above, must use war axes so that they are more op and can defeat enemies more easily.

That was the info and interesting facts about the new feature War Ax Mobile Legends. In addition to war ax, there are two other lists of new features that are no less unique. Well, that’s all the information about the latest mobile legends game that can be reviewed this time. Find other latest game info updates in the next article.

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