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Tutorial on Playing Cytus 2 for Beginners Guaranteed to be Experts -

Cytus 2

Cytus 2 is a rhythm game developed by Rayark Inc. This game is very unique of course. Because this game doesn’t just push the button like playing the next game. However, there are 4 options to play this game at each level. You have to press, squeeze, swipe and drag your screen. Very good of course this game. Because when you press it. The notes will follow the flow of the music you hear. Because you certainly won’t like it if the pressing is not the same as the music. For this game there must be a good and interesting gameplay to play of course.

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Game Play Cytus 2 And How To Play It

Cytus 2 gameplay is of course you will press when the music starts playing and you start pressing your screen. And you don’t have to be confused about those who have never played this game or any other hit game. Because in this game a tutorial has been provided from the beginning of the game to spending one of the music you play. In this game there will be many genres of music of course. You can choose the genre you like from the pop genre to electric hard bass or songs you’ve heard before. And every song, of course, you have to start with the easy easy first until you can play it. There are 3 levels that you must master. From easy, hard, and chaos.

At the easy level you are quite easy to play and you don’t have much to press on the screen. For the hard option, you will definitely find it more difficult and it still makes sense to be able to play it until the music runs out. But if you want even more difficult. You can choose the level of chaos and of course it makes more sense to be able to play it for those of you who are beginners. But if you are already proficient in playing this game with very fast hands. Certainly very easy. But if it is still hard to hard. Don’t try to play the chaos level

Specifications To Play Cytus 2 Game

For the Cytus 2 game, it must also have good specifications, of course. And your cellphone screen must be bigger of course. Because if your cellphone is small, it will be difficult to play it. And the possibility of mobile phones that are still small usually still use low specifications.

The following are mobile phones with specifications suitable for playing this Cytus 2 game:

  1. Samsung Galaxy S5 or above series.
  2. Asus max pro M1 or above series.
  3. Vivo v1 or series above.
  4. Samsung tab 10.
  5. iPad and other cellphones or other pads with large screens.

That was a recommendation for a cellphone to play this Cytus 2 game. Because the cellphone is large and the specifications are quite qualified too. You can play this game with pleasure, not anxiety because the screen is not big enough. This game is paid. But it’s not too expensive with a price of Rp. 28.000 and this game of course has a large file size too. That is 1.5 GB because there is a lot of music and cool features when you press the note that matches the music. And of course it’s already available on the Playstore. Don’t let you pirate this game. Appreciate the work of the people who made this game. Please download and play according to the tutorial above.

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