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Tips for Overcoming Enemy Gloo Walls in FF, here's the interesting info -

Tips for Overcoming Enemy Gloo Walls in FF

Tips for Overcoming Enemy Gloo Walls in FF – In the free fire game there are many items that can be used for weapons, some are for defense. Among the list of items that are most widely used for defense or protection at this time is the gloo wall. This item is able to provide instant protection for users.

The current gloo wall items also have a cool and attractive appearance. This makes more survivors interested in using the gloo wall. However, facing the enemy’s gloo wall is sometimes a hassle. To overcome this, you can use Tips for Overcoming Enemy Gloo Walls in FF the following.

Tips for Overcoming Enemy Gloo Walls in FF

Gloo wall is indeed an important item in making protection safer. But on the other hand, facing an enemy who uses a gloo wall is something that is often annoying. This is because the gloo wall makes it difficult for players to shoot targets. The power of the obstacle in the gloo wall makes the enemy difficult to attack. When experiencing conditions like this, there is no need to be confused. You can try using the following tips,

  1. Using Vehicle

The first tip is to use a vehicle to destroy the enemy’s gloo wall. Use Meta Misha, namely by driving a vehicle and then crashing into the enemy’s gloo wall. That way, the gloo wall will be destroyed and the enemy will also receive damage due to collisions from vehicles.

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  1. Using M82B Skin

Next is to use the M82B weapon skin. As you know, shooting at the gloo wall cannot destroy the item. So that the enemy behind the gloo wall can stay safe. However, the M82B weapon is the only weapon skin that can destroy gloo wall items. More precisely, it can penetrate the defense of the gloo wall, so that the enemy behind the gloo wall will still receive damage from this gun shot. To be effective, you must shoot fixedly at the enemy’s position.

  1. Using Skyler Skill

Skyler is a character in ff who has a special skill, namely Riptide Rhythm. This skill is able to destroy the enemy’s gloo wall effectively. Even when there are 5 gloo walls with the highest level. The way to destroy the gloo wall with this Skyler skill is to aim the skill target at close range.

Uses of Gloo Wall FF Apart from Protector

In addition to knowing about tips on overcoming the enemy’s gloo wall ff. There is also interesting info about the use of the gloo wall in addition to protection. What are the other uses that new survivors still don’t know about? Here’s the info,

  • Gloo walls can be used to climb or climb to the top of buildings that are difficult to reach. To do this, you need a large number of gloo walls.
  • In addition, it can also be used to close the entrance. That way the enemy becomes trapped in the house, or it becomes difficult to catch up with us.
  • Survivors can also use the gloo wall to outwit the enemy. That is by arranging the gloo wall in the opposite direction of the choice. That way the enemy will go in the wrong direction.

By using Tips for Overcoming Enemy Gloo Walls in FF, of course it can make it easier for players to defeat the enemy. In addition, also take advantage of the uses described above, to be able to use the gloo wall more optimally.

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