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Tips for Finding Cool Names for Game Characters

cool names

Lots of players are confused when it comes to giving names to game characters to be played. Remembering the name of the character mentioned is not only used in 1 game and cannot be changed. That’s why the name that will be given later, should not be too difficult. Looking for a name that is cool, and easy to remember, is what you should do.

  1. Modify own name

The first thing you can do in creating and searching for cool names for game characters is modifying your own names. no need to be rigid, and no need to use 100% real names. You have to be creative, so that the character names look unique. For example, your name is Junaedi, then you can use abbreviations starting from Juna, Jun, Juned, JI or others.

  1. Using nickname

Apart from using your own name. You can also use a nickname. For example, your real name is Junaedi, who is familiarly called by the name Jun, edi, babang, bang, uda or others.

  1. Combining own name

Of course you can combine your own name with other things!. There are so many things you can combine with your own name. Including one of them is the best anime film I’ve ever watched. Whether it’s the name of the character in the anime or even the title of the anime. For example, your name is Junaedi, while your favorite anime movie is in Naruto. You can combine the name with abbreviated initials, for example J-Naruto, J-Nar, or others.

  1. Looking for a name in the name place

If people generally look for names in baby names. So this time you can find the name of the game character in that place. As usual, search and read, as well as study the existing names, then choose a name that if it has similarities to the character you will use.

  1. Using favorite place names

Still confused about finding the right name. why not use your favorite place names as character names. Whether it’s the name of the mall, cafe, or something else. This time you can use the full name of the place, or use the initials of a letter or word.

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  1. Look up the language dictionary

You can also use the search for names in the language dictionary. It’s like looking up a name on a baby name list. This time look for a name that is considered appropriate, good in the dictionary. Make sure it matches the character you will use.

  1. Using another character’s character name

You can also use the name of your favorite character or character. For example, you like one of the world’s football figures, then you can use the name of that character, or also use the initials of that name. Both the first and last letters or something else.

How, do you already have an idea for a cool name for the game character that will be played in the future!

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