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Tips for Dealing with Pubg Mobile's Insectoid Mode Bazooka -

Tips for Dealing with Insectoid Bazooka Mode

Tips for Dealing with Insectoid Bazooka Mode – Pubg mobile is entering the final part of season 19. In the final part of this season, there are still many exciting things that must be played by fans. Especially about the unique game mode, namely traverse insectoid. This game mode is very cool and different from other game modes. The presence of this mode brings a new wind into the pubg mobile game.

Many interesting things can be found in this mode, one of which is being able to play in the size of an insect. About this mode, this time we will discuss interesting information about Tips for Dealing with Insectoid Mode Bazooka on pubg mobile.

Getting to know Bazooka in Pubg Mobile’s Insectoid Mode

In pubg mobile insectoid traverse mode, players can change their shape to be like small insects. Of course when in the form of insects, players can also fly, and take advantage of the sharp sense of vision possessed by insects in general. To change this shape, you have to go to the lab that is spread out at 5 points on the Erangel map. Then use the Quantum transformation device engine to transform into an insect.

When in this insect form, players will also get special weapons. The weapon is called the Bazooka. This is a weapon used in combat for insectoids (players in insect form). Bazooka belongs to the category of launcher weapons that are able to lock on the target, then release a type of rocket to kill the target. This weapon can deal damage that can make insectoid players die instantly.

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Tips for Dealing with Pubg Mobile’s Insectoid Mode Bazooka

The system that applies to this insectoid bazooka weapon is to lock the target first, then attack and inflict damage to death. There are three cues that will appear when using this weapon. The first is a green sign, then it turns yellow, and when it turns red it means the target is locked on the weapon. If it is locked, then wanting to fly or escape anywhere will definitely still be hit by a bazooka attack. So it is very inconvenient if it has been locked from the bazooka weapon.

But don’t worry, there’s still a way to escape the bazooka’s target lock. Curious as to how to do it, consider the following tips.

  • In order to escape the target bazooka’s lock, the key is to dodge as well as possible. Then how to be able to avoid this skillfully?
  • The trick is to use walls, fly between walls and in the hole in the wall.
  • These tips will make the bazooka rocket hit the wall instead of you. This is a very effective trick and has been used by several pubg mobile players.
  • All you have to do is be adept at flying between small walls, to break the target lock from the bazooka.
  • In addition to using these tricks, you can also escape using the teleport machine in the lab. In this way, players can immediately move to another lab and can escape from the bazooka lock.

That was interesting info Tips for Dealing with Insectoid Mode Bazooka PUBG Mobile. Pretty simple isn’t it? For additional information, bazooka weapons can also do damage to normal-sized enemies. It just takes at least 20 shots to beat him. That’s even for normal players who don’t use any protective equipment. Well, that’s all the interesting info on the pubg mobile game this time, hopefully it’s useful.

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