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Tips for Choosing the Best Weapon In Red Dead Redemption 2 -

Red Dead Redemption 2

Game red dead redemption 2 has several roles that can be played, in the latest update in this game. Players can play as a moonshiner and manage a liquor store to carry out revenge missions and collect lots of coffers of money. To be able to play and find the right weapon in this game, you need to know and understand what revolver characters are like. These are the initial tips in finding the best weapon to play Red Dead Redemption 2.

Weapons are needed to protect themselves and to attack opponents when playing as a cowboy in Red Dead Redemption 2. The type of weapon that is widely used by cowboys in this game is the revolver. This is a weapon for close range and also medium range. In the Red Dead Redemption game, the revolver is a mandatory type of weapon that must be owned. There are several types of revolvers available in this game. Understanding the characteristics of each revolver can make it easier for you to find the best weapon for you. Here’s the full review, let’s get it:

Type of Cattleman Revolver

In this first type, it has the same model as the Colt model 1873 Single Action Army revolver in the real world. This is a classic type of weapon with a pretty cool look, very suitable for use when dual wield. As additional tips, use the ability card focus fire to maximize the damage generated. For its status, it has a total of 200 ammunition with an ammunition capacity of 6 bullets in the gun. Then it has a high fire rate and accuracy, with moderate damage, reload speed range. This gun is priced at 50 dollars.

Type of Double Action Revolver

It has the same model as the Colt New Model 1892 Army in the real world. This is the type of rovelver that has the highest fire rate in the red dead redemption game. For players who like shooting scenes repeatedly, this second type of revolver is the right choice. Winning Streat and Cad Gunclinger’s Ability are the main keys to being able to use this weapon to its full potential. For its status, it has a total of 200 ammunition with a maximum capacity of 6 bullets. With a very high fire rate, then at range, reload speed and accuracy have a moderate status. And for the damage produced is low, this weapon is priced at 127 dollars.

Type Schofield Revolver

This third type has another name, namely Smith & Wesson Model 3, the most appropriate choice for gunslinger players. Equipped with decent damage and accuracy, this is a mandatory type of weapon that is widely used by players in Red Dead Redemption. To be able to use this weapon, players must reach rank 9. The status of this weapon is to have a total of 200 ammo with a maximum capacity of 6 bullets. Has moderate damage, range, fire rate, and reload speed. However, it has the advantage of a high level of accuracy. This weapon is quite affordable, which is only 192 dollars.

Lemat Revolver

This is a special type of revolver that has a special feature of shooting shotgun bullets. This is a type of weapon that can be purchased directly when you play Red Dead Redemption for the first time because it does not apply rank requirements. Usually players will use two weapons when cursing this type of revolver, this makes the total shots produced can reach 18 and 2 for shotgun bullets. Then for the status of this weapon, it has a total of 200 and 60 ammunition for this type of shotgun bullet. The maximum capacity is 9 and 1 for the shotgun. Has a high accuracy and fire rate. With moderate damage and range, it’s just that the reload speed is low. This weapon is priced at 317 dollars.

By knowing the information Red Dead Redemption 2 above, you can determine which type of revolver is the best for each of you.

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