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Tips for Booyah in FF Convoy Mode, Here's the Explanation -

Tips for Booyah in FF Convoy Mode

Tips for Booyah in Convoy FF Mode – Free fire is always good at keeping fans satisfied with the new updates added. Survivors are always waiting for an advance server. Because all new ff content will be tested on the server before it is officially released on the main server.

About updates that will soon be added to the main ff server in August this time, one of which is convoy mode. This is a unique game mode and different from the classic mode or battle royal in general. Well, this time what we will focus on is Tips for Booyah in FF Convoy Mode.

Convoy Crunch Mode in Free Fire

Convoy crunch is a game mode that first appeared in ff games in 2021. This game mode is unique and involves a car or vehicle. In a special event collaboration with McLaren, Garena has brought this mode again. After being tested on the July 2021 edition of the FF advance server, the convoy crunch mode is already available on the main server starting on July 31, 2021. Of course this makes the gameplay in the survival battle royal ff game more colorful and interesting.

The unique and different patterns of play, make this mode so in demand by most fans. For how to play itself, it will be done per team with 4 players each. Each game will be played by two teams with their respective roles, namely invader and defender. These roles will be played alternately, with per game consisting of 2 rounds. The task of the invader is to move the car towards the destination, while the defender is to keep the car away from the destination line.

Tips for Booyah in the Latest FF Convoy Mode

To be able to booyah in convoy crunch mode, players must be able to defeat the enemy team. To make it easier, you can use a number of good tips below,

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  1. Choose the Right Equipment

In this mode, there is a list of equipment sets that can be used by participants. Before starting the game, you should first equip the equipment needed properly. So that when the game takes place it can facilitate movement and focus on completing the main task. Do not choose resources arbitrarily because it can prevent you from winning.

  1. Share roles with Team Members

Good cooperation is needed to be able to booyah in convoy crunch mode. The division of labor is also important. There must be a role in driving the car, driving the car away, being a distraction, and the part getting rid of or attacking. All tasks must be divided carefully, to be able to master the game and win.

  1. Carry out the main mission objectively

The main task that must be completed in this mode is to deliver the car or vehicle to its destination. For that, you have to do the job properly. Either when you become an invader or defender. Remember the number of kills that were successfully obtained in this mode did not result in a victory aka boyaah. Because the main mission is to deliver the car to its destination according to the time limit. Therefore, it must be focused and objective to complete the main mission.

That was the explanation Tips for Booyah in FF Convoy Mode latest. Winning to play in this mode can certainly give its own satisfaction. And for closing, choose team members who are already known to be able to carry out good cooperation. Because as explained above, cooperation is very important.

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