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Tips and How to GB MMR Mobile Legends 2021 -

how to gb mmr mobile legends 2020

Get new info how to gb mmr mobile legends 2021 here. Mobile legends is an online mobile game that is famous and in demand by many people around the world, including in Indonesia. This game is equipped with a variety of game modes to make the game always fun and interesting. Talking about mobile legends, you will definitely hear the term about mmr. Mmr is a term used for a top hero who is reliable and is in the top ranking in this mobile legends game.

Playing with a hero who has a high mmr value certainly makes it easy for players to win in defeating opponents. For this reason, knowing the mmr hero value is something that must be considered in supporting victory. Currently mmr is available in draft mode, making it easier for players to check. Regarding mmr, lately many ml players are busy discussing about how to gb mmr mobile legends 2021. To be clear about this, this article will provide a complete explanation regarding the GBMMR.

How to GB MMR Latest Mobile Legends Game 2021

Before entering the main discussion, namely: how to gb mmr mobile legends 2021, will be reviewed first what is gb mmr. GB stands for game boosting, this is a way to quickly increase game account status. This GB method is not only used by general players, there are also many global players who also use GB to be able to increase their game account status. In this regard, here are the steps you can take to be able to do the latest GB MMR Mobile Legends.

  • To do gb mmr you need at least 10 players. 5 players will act as a team and the remaining 5 will be opponents. Then a trick will be used to bring the two teams together. Later the team that acts as the opponent will lose on purpose. That way the winning team could easily finish the battle in no time. So you need help from 9 friends to succeed gb mmr.
  • To be able to make these 10 players meet in battle, then make sure to use discord so that 10 players can easily communicate. Then it takes a player who acts as a room master. This room master only uses a VPN.
  • Then the two room masters will become country servers that are quiet for ml players, then use the same server to carry out battles. After being on the same server, the next 10 players must press the start button simultaneously just above the 12 at night, which is when the server is not too crowded.
  • Then when the draft pick appears, select the hero you want to increase in status. Try to use the arrival spell to be able to push so that the match can run faster. Then the last step, make sure the name of the opponent you are facing is a friend who was previously set to be the opposing team of the 10 players.

After that you just have to do battle, and your team will be able to easily win without the need to put up a tough fight. That way you will be able to do game boost mmr quickly and easily. That’s a tips guide and how to gb mmr mobile legends 2021. By using the method in this article, it is certain that you will quickly have a high mmr value.

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