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This is the Most Exciting Paid Game to Play While On Vacation -

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For those of you sultans who like paid games, in this discussion we will share some for you to try playing during the holidays. When the holidays arrive, many people use it to spend time with family, travel, and other fun activities. This includes spending free time playing games. This is the right time for those of you who like the game world to explore the games you like. And for those of you who are looking for the most exciting game recommendations, here are some of these games.

RFS – Real Flight Simulator

There are various types paid games which you can play only through an Android smartphone. One of the recommended games on this occasion is RFS – Flight Simulator. Yes, as the name suggests, this game is a simulation game where you will be as if living in the game. The type of simulation that you will play in this game is an airplane simulation. So, in this game you will be a pilot whose job is to drive a plane and complete the missions. The levels of these missions will be more difficult if you have leveled up. But still, because it’s so exciting and combined with good quality graphics, this game is highly recommended for those of you who want to get exciting game services during this holiday.

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Bully – Anniversary Edition

Who is not familiar with the legendary game called Bully? Of course, you already know a lot about this game because it has been released many years ago, both on the PC version and on the Play Station 2 version. In 2021, you can play the Bully game on Android. It is indeed a privilege to be able to reminisce with this one game, especially when it can be played using a practical device such as a cellphone. Raising the same theme where you will be a bad boy in a school, this game is very exciting because in it you also have to complete interesting missions. You can play this game by buying the application for Rp. 81,000 through the Google Play Store.

Pocket City

Recommendation paid games The next one that is no less interesting for you to try is Pocket City. This game is one game that will make you diligent in building something. In the game, you will act as a mayor who has to build his city into a big city. But for starters, you will only be given empty land and not too wide. To weld the land, you must have money so that you can buy more land. This game is quite interesting and highly recommended for those of you who like city simulation genre games. Although the game is a paid game where you have to buy it if you want to play, this game is indeed worthy of being a paid game.

Those were some recommendations paid games the most exciting thing you should try to fill your spare time on vacation. Although the games above are very exciting, don’t forget to rest for your health and physical fitness. Immediately download all the games and play now. Downloading can be done faster if the internet network you are using is really stable.

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