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This is the list of 9 Titan Shifters in Attack On Titan

Almost all otaku / wibu children must have known the Shingeki No Kyoujin Anime or Attack On Titan which has now aired its Final Season.

Therefore, Babang would like to discuss about Titan List and its users. Well, just take a look below

History of Titan

History of Titan

In the anime AOT / SNK tells the story of the people who live on the island of Paradis protected by three layers of walls, namely the walls of Maria, Rose and Sina. The wall has been used for 100 years to protect the Eldians from Titan attacks.

Titan itself consists of two types, namely the intelligent titan (shifter) and the titan who has no sense. The titans who have no sense are usually made by the Marleys who inject titan spinal fluid into the Eldia who rebelled against the Marleys or can use the power of the Founding Titan. While the titan shifter is a titan who comes from the descendants of Ymir who ate Ymir’s body.

Titan Shifter can also be passed on to his successor, titan shifter users only last for 15 years. After that the titan shifter user must be eaten by the next successor titan. And only the descendants of Eldia can turn into a titan.

Titan was once the mainstay of King Fritz (the Eldian nation) to defeat other nations. The Eldia are a sadistic nation, like to attack other nations, make slaves and one of these slaves is Ymir.

Before Ymir turned into a titan, at first when King Fritz rounded up all the slaves for losing his pig and threatened to gouge out eyes and torture the culprit. But instead all the slaves pointed at Ymir who didn’t know anything. Finally Ymir was sentenced to have his eyes gouged out and ordered to run in the forest while being showered with arrows by King Fritz’s troops.

Because he kept running in the Ymir forest until he unconsciously fell into the abyss. After that, a parasite entered Ymir’s body and immediately Ymir’s body turned into a titan. Then Ymir became the wife of King Fritz as well as a weapon of war for the Eldians.

As the wife of King Fritz, Ymir has three children namely Maria, Sina and Rose. After several years as a king’s wife, a mother and a weapon of war Ymir finally dies protecting King Fritz from Marley’s intruders.

After Ymir’s death, Ymir’s descendants became the ninth heir to the titans. Because of the defeat of the war with the Marleys, King Fritz finally exiled himself to the island of Paradis and built a wall to protect the Eldians from the outside world and left some of Ymir’s descendants in the Marley kingdom.

For 100 years the Eldians lived in peace on the island of Paradis. But one day the Colossal titans and the Armored titans managed to break through the wall so that many unreasonable titans managed to enter and eat the Eldians including Eren Yaegar’s mother. This is what makes little Eren angry and aspires to kill all the titans on earth.

Actually after the defeat of King Fritz, all the titan shifters were taken over by the Marleys to plunge into the battlefield. So, who are the users of the titan shifter? Listen below

Titan Cart

Cart Titan pictures

As the name implies, this titan is used as support to transport weapons of war. This Titan can last in its form for up to two months.

This Titan walks on all fours, has agile movements, is fast and maneuvers well. The user of this titan is Pieck Finger, it is not known who the previous and subsequent owners are.

Female Titan

Female Titan Pictures

This Female Titan has almost the same power as the Founding Titan and Beast Titan, which is that she can control ordinary Titans. This Titan can also fight like the Armored Titan because his body structure is exactly the same as that of the user.

The female Titan user is Anna Leonhart who is currently still confined within the crystal rock.

Beast Titan

Beast Titan Pictures

This is the only titan in the form of an animal. Beast titan form can change depending on the user. While Zeke’s is shaped like a giant monkey.

Because his mother is a noble, Zeke has almost the same ability as the Founding Titan, which is that he can turn Eldia into a titan by just giving a shout and Zeke’s ability to usually throw a bunch of stones is used to destroy the opponent.

Jaw Titan

Jaw Titan Pictures

As the name implies, this titan has jaws and claws that are quite strong. In addition, this titan is also the fastest titan of the other titans.

Now the Jaw Titan is owned by Falco Grice who can fly, while the previous users were Marcel Galliard, Ymir and Parco Galliard, the younger brother of Marcel Galliard.

Armored Titan

Armored Titan Pictures

Armored Titan is a titan who is covered by armor that is almost the same as using armor. This Titan has strength and speed large enough to break through to the opponent’s base. Usually the armored titan is used as a shield for the Beast Titan on the battlefield.

Reiner Braun is the only known Armored Titan user.

Attack Titan

Attack Titan Pictures

This Titan first appeared when Eren Kruger saved Eren’s father from the punishment of the Marleys.

Attack Titan’s ability is to be able to see the memories of its owner in the past and the future. This Titan can also be used to cover broken walls because it can harden its body to become as hard as crystal.

The users of this titan are Eren Yaegar, Grisha Yaegar (Eren’s father) and Eren Kruger who saved Eren’s father.

War Hammer Titan

War Hammer Titan Pictures

This Titan is the only titan that can be controlled remotely. His ability can make weapons such as hammers and pegs from hardened flesh.

The War Hammer Titan was passed down from generation to generation by the Tybur family, the noble Eldia who lived in Marley, and the last titan was used by Willy Tybur. Now the power of the War Hammer Titan is in Eren’s hands.

Colossal Titan

Colossal Titan Pictures

This Titan Shifter is the first titan to appear in the Shingeki no Kyojin anime which gives bad dreams to the residents of Eldia who live on Paradis Island including Eren, Mikasa and Armin.

This Titan has a height of up to 60 meters and has the power to break through walls. In addition, the Colossal Titan can also emit hot steam that can burn the human body.

This Titan user was previously Bertholdt Hoover after being defeated by the Scout Regiment troops finally the Colossal titan power became Armin’s.

Founding Titan

Founding Titan Image

This Titan is the first Titan Shifter or can be called the ancestor of the Titans. The main power of this titan can turn the Eldia into titans with his screams and can control the titans.

Ymir Fritz is the owner of the Founding Titan and can transform into a titan. This is where his descendants inherit Ymir’s soul which turns into 9 titan shifters.

This power was continuously passed down from the Fritz family to the Reiss family. However, after being taken by Eren’s father, the Founding Titan’s power became Eren’s.

The final word

So that’s the list of the 9 Titan Shifters and their known uses. Now that the Attack On Titan Manga and Anime have entered the final, will there be a new titan shifter? Just watch and read the manga, okay?

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